Friday, 26 December 2014

Owl Bag & More Decorations

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful holiday and thanks to everyone who sent Christmas Greetings.
 I made this little bag, a haversack, yesterday... am I one of the few to craft on Christmas Day? 
With just DH and me for dinner we could relax and please ourselves, so I took the opportunity to use the spare time and have a result at the end of the day and here's Olly to prove it.
One of my friends kindly brought me a similar bag back from Turkey, in the Summer, so I used the idea and modified it somewhat. It was quite easy but interesting to make as it is just a lined draw string bag with the tags sewn onto the front to represent feathers. On the original bag the owl has boots but I made clawed feet, which I think I would simplify next time and make  them bit smaller. These look a bit threatening!
The head is attached to the back and fastens with a magnetic clasp under the beak as can be seen in the photo, below.
The ladybird and butterfly buttons add interest to the tabs.
I also made an extra little felt owl to dangle on the bag.
Sitting watching Christmas TV, as I have done quite often over the holiday, I also made a few more decorations from felt. They are all hand embroidered and I added beads for a bit of bling. I find embroidery to be quite therapeutic and a great way to relax and as a bonus my stitching improves the more I do.

A partridge....
and a pear.
Another tiny elf clog with embroidery added.
I'm looking forward to seeing some of my family tomorrow and hoping that this evening's snowfall will disappear, overnight ,by magic. Fingers crossed!


Helen said...

Happy Boxing Day! Your felt decorations look gorgeous. Luckily we don't have snow, but it's been raining for hours!

Cardarian said...

My dear Jo!
Hopefully the weather will be okey so you will have a safe journey. Love all your holiday produce! The owl is wonderful and so are all the tree decorations. Enjoy your family gathering.
Lots of hugs Cardarian

tilly said...

love your little felt birds and what a super owl bag, enjoy the rest of your Christmas.... our snow almost gone
Tilly x

Lottie me said...

Wow, absolutely awesome, you are so very clever. I wish I had some of your talent. Have a wonderful day.

Twiglet said...

Hi Jo - what a productive time you have had - I just love that owl bag - so clever and original. Hope you enjoy a lovely time with your family.
x Jo

Kyla said...

Wow, a lovely bag and decorations and how fabulous to craft on Christmas day too ☺

AliWade said...

OMG - so many wonderful creations, and on Xmas Day! I am a VERY slow crafter and it would take me days to make just one small thing. I love the owl bag - might attempt something similar one day. No snow here in Pembrokeshire, except on the highest mountain. Ali x

Carol Q said...

sounds like the perfect way to spend Christmas Jo. the owl bag is fab - so different and I love the colours used in your felting.

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, I love your stitching, and of course, you have such a talent for colour, gorgeous. So happy to read that you were able to relax and do your own thing on Christmas marvellous.

Lee said...

Hi Jo,your Owl Bag is absolutely Stunning in every way,you are soooo talented,Love the decorations,the colours and embellishments are soooo pretty and magical.Do hope you were able to get to the family ok.It is very cold and frosty here but lovely bright sun today.Huggles to all xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo gorgeous decorations and I love the bag..... 'such fun' have a wonderful time with your family tomorrow ... they are the best times aren't they
happy new year to you and yours

pearshapedcrafting said...

Back to 'normal' now and trying to catch up on some blogging! This bag is fantastic and I so love your little decorations! Big Hugs, Chrisxx