Thursday, 12 February 2015

How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid Costume

I wonder if you can guess what I've made? The title of this post is a huge clue!
These little lumps are component parts for the latest fancy dress costume request from one of my grandees. I couldn't find my paper clay so, I made blobs of plaster filler and when they had dried I sprayed them gold, then painted them silver with a Krylon pen.

I expected the costume to be floaty, pretty, and like a princess but when I received her request this is who she would like to be.... the character is Astrid from the film "How to Train Your Dragon". 
There's attitude for you, and so different from Ella and Anna of "Frozen", Merida of "Brave" or the other pretty costumes I've made for the girlies.

It took a bit of thinking to figure out how to get it all together but those studs worked well on the armour shoulder pieces. I bought a piece of grey synthetic leather cloth and the Krylon pen gave it the metallic look it needed.
I made cuffs with fake lacings
The fake fur collar hood looks so effective and the strap with brad studs is for the headband.
I couldn't risk real metal, pointed studs for a 5 year old so I gave the impression by gluing silver flexible tags for safety. I think we'll give the axe a miss too!
I can't wait to make the finishing touches at the weekend and to see her dress rehearsal. Watch this space.........


Artyjen said...

Fabulous! Where were you when I was little and wanted to dress up? lol
xoxo Sioux

Annie said...

Thats really made me smile Jo. You look to have had so much fun making all that and I'm certain there will be a really happy young lady when she sees it. :-)
Annie x

tilly said...

what a stunning make.....there will be one very happy little girl!!

Twiglet said...

Oh Jo - this just reminded me of one we made for Maxine - she was Zena the warrior princess! You have made a brillaint job of it - and had lots of fun doing it I expect.

Lee said...

Really AWESOME,she will be so excited when she sees this.Huggles xx

mamapez5 said...

You are a lovely grandma to have! This is so much work but I am sure she will just love it. I´ll look out for the follow-up photos. Kate x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh my goodness! Your GD will love it for sure! There clearly is no end to your talent…. Hugs, Chrisx