Friday, 13 February 2015

Quilty Valentine, Swap & Challenge

I've started swapping blocks, thanks to Diane (the Cheshire Quilter) and I have also joined in with the challenge in her quilt group. One of the topics for Diane's blocks was this heart design so I thought it would be appropriate if this was my first choice to complete in time for Valentine's Day so it can serve as a greeting from me to you! 
Have a very special day and appreciate all the love you share.

The other day I showed this picture below of my start for the challenge. Diane sent me 12 charm squares and I could make anything I wished from them, for a swap. 
Before I continued I removed the few dark squares as I felt that they just didn't tone in and on this picture they stick out like a sore thumb.
Next stage I lined and edged the strips, sandwiching them with light batting.
Some super fabrics there and a lovely colour palette.
The four strips were joined at their bases like the spokes of a windmill.
Then when the sides were joined up, hey presto! it made a simplified version of the Windmill Bag.
I do hope that whoever gets it in the draw, likes it!


Hetty said...

quilts! Love the heart and the bag. Hope you have a happy valentine's day! xx

Helen said...

I am sure they will, it is stunning!!

Annie said...

What's not to love's gorgeous. I love it.
Annie x

Lynn Holland said...

You are very talented Jo.
Hope you are well xx

tilly said...

the strips have made a great bag, lucky winner

Carol Q said...

ooooooooh that looks beautiful Jo!

Carola Bartz said...

The quilted heart is lovely, and such a nifty bag!!!

Lee said...

WOW,Jo your quilting is soooo gorgeous,love the Valentine colours.That Bag is Beautiful in every way,you are sooooo talented.I have only done hand quilting as I did not have a machine then.A bit baffled about machine quilting but I intend to have a go on something small hee hee.Huggles xxx

Kyla said...

Lovely quilted bag :-)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Jo! This is gorgeous, such lovely colours! Have fun with the challenge! Hugs, Chrisx