Friday, 9 October 2015

1st Quilt for Dolores & a Friday Smile

My lovely friends, Dolores and Alan, spent time with us this week and we allhad a lovely time together out and about but the main success was that I helped Dolores to assemble the quilt she was making for her daughter. The First Quilt she has made!
We also attended the Happy Stampers Show in Port Sunlight where it was good to see so many crafty friends.
Earlier in the Summer I visited Dolores in Maidstone and kicked her off making the centre Celtic interlocked hearts panel, which she finished, then she made 180 blocks so we worked together to assemble them all into this wondrous huge quilt below. Amazingly, it ended up perfectly square considering it is 2.14 metres (7 foot) square. 
  Once finished, we enjoyed a lovely day out to visit the super ladies at 
Quilters Trading Post in Buerton Cheshire, far out in the countryside, 
where Dolores arranged for it to be professionally quilted on their huge Gamill machines. 
I'm joining in with Annie's Friday Smile as we've enjoyed such a happy, productive, time together.
More smiles to start off the weekend over at Annie's place!

It was fascinating to watch a machine in progress before Dolores selected the wadding, her backing fabric  and stitch pattern. There's her quilt on the table above, ready to go but it will be nearly Christmas before it's ready as the machines are all booked up!
It's such a lovely place with beautiful examples hanging around the walls and it is an Aladdin's cave for quilters. 
Dolores had a welcome rest from making all her important decisions and sat in the rest corner with one of the staff before we headed off to Bridgemere Garden World for lunch.
I've got a Friday Smile after our super time together but it was so sad to see them go. Looking forward now to the next time. 


Annie said...

Fab photos Jo of your happy visit. I love the Trading Post and plan to come over there agin some time in the not too distant future :-)
Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

tilly said...

Delores has done so well and also chosen pretty colours for her first quilt.What a lovely time together
Tilly x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, lovely photos of a very happy time with Dolores. The quilt is gorgeous - love the Celtic centrepiece. I'd love to see one of those machines in operation. That must be one of their oldest members of staff :) I smiled when I saw mention of Bridgemere Garden World. I know it very well as it was one of my favourite destinations when we lived in Derbyshire :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Barb said...

How wonderful that you started Delores out on her quilt making journey and what a wonderful job she has done with your help. They are certainly very happy photos and I bet Delores will be excited to get her quilt all finished. It looks beautiful and I love the colour.

Thank you for your recent visit. Yes they are very dear friends and we'll always have a very special bond. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

It looks Fabulous Jo! You sure had a good time with Dolores and Alan. Take care Zo xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Jo,
Wow - that is a beautiful quilt! Her first one?!? I wonder how she's going to top that. The shop looks very fun and I see the help is quite lively in the "rest corner." A good time had by all.

Have a wonderful weekend.

sue jones said...

Gorgeous quilt. How clever you both are ! Soojay xx

Lynn Holland said...

Incredible for a first quilt Dolores. You are a good mentor Jo. Have a lovely weekend
Lynn & Tom heehee x

Hettie said...

WOW!! What a stunning first quilt. I know exactly what goes into those....amongst other things a huge amount of patience!! Love it.
I had one of my quilts professionally quilted - long story - and it fascinated me to watch the lady quilting another one while I was there. Would love one of those machines.
I do hope that lady sitting with Delores is not a customer still waiting for her quilt!!
Thanks for your comment!!! My FF seems to have evoked some comments today!!

Helen said...

Three cheers for Dolores! Her quilt is fantastic and how lovely you got to spend some time together, and go to Port Sunny too - am hoping I may be able to go again next year .

mamapez5 said...

What a beautiful quilt. I didn't know there were places that would quilt it for you. The staff look a bit worn out after their efforts. If they are all like that it will be a long time after Christmas before her quilt is done! Have a lovely week. Kate x

Twiglet said...

What a brilliant effort that quilt is Jo and I know Dolores would be glad to have your advice and help. We love Q T post too and Bridgemere - maybe a good place for us all to meet up one day. x Jo

Angela Radford said...

Great photos, the guy in the corner looks as though he needs a quilt to keep him warm Lol! x

Lisca Meijer said...

I'm a bit late to comment on this one. Somehow I missed it. I really love that quilt. Well done Dolores! If she is a beginner, then I can do it too. I'm definitely going to have a go. I've discovered a little quilt shop in a nearby town. Can I copy the photo of Dolores' quilt and show the lady what I want to make (sort of)? It does not look difficult at all and as they are all straight lines I could do it on the machine.
It looks as if you all had a great time. Have a good week,
(I'm now going to look at your Malvern post)