Friday, 16 October 2015

Holly Swag & Friday Smile

 It looks like I might as well admit it.... these days, I only manage to post when I realise that it's Friday and I know I should add a smile to Annie's and all the other lovelies who join in this bit of fun each week.

This week I have been busy but I've managed a few bits of sewing and finished this swag for Christmas. There I have said it... CHRISTMAS!! 
It's looming making things for the occasion is the best part for me. 
No! I'm not leaving it up over the fire until Christmas! It's packed away already!
 I saw similar at an exhibiton in Kent, earlier in the year but I had to make it in my own pattern and change the style and size. It's quite quick and easy to make.
Just cut out big holly leaves in seasonal fabric and lining pieces for the backs. Stitch a bit of thin wadding or interfacing to stiffen them , sew around the leaves, trim and turn to the right size. Press and stitch up the gap. 
The berries are cardboard or plastic discs covered with red fabric gathered up (with a bit of wadding popped inside), or just use big red buttons. 
Here is my template but the leaves can be made any size to suit.
 I marked around the card then cut extra for the seams. 
It doesn't matter which way up the template is used.
Stitch veins onto the leaves using a triple stretch stitch, which shows up somewhat bolder than a normal straight stitch. Curve the lines to look "natural"

I spotted this poster, below, on pinterest ... how true! 
No matter where I go I always take "threads" with me! 
DH says that when they are in your sandwiches, that's the time to complain!
and I hope you'll pop over to her blog to see some more.
It's good to smile.. it costs nothing and it's catching!
When my friend Dolores visited last week I loved her new sewing case, which she had bought in IKEA. I had the green eyed monster so my DH kindly treated me to one this week. 
I thought I would personalise mine to distinguish it from anyone else's as I am sure that some of my quilt club friends will want one for themselves when they see mine.
I haven't quite decided what to add to the back to finish it off. Any ideas, a word, a quote??
 It is good value for £10 as there are so many sewing notions inside held by elastic keeps. Large shears, snips, unpicker, pins needles, etc. 
It's so handy to take in my kit for workshops.


CraftygasheadZo said...

What a wonderful post Jo. Love your project looks amazing! Those holly leaves look so cool! Your sewing box is fabulus. Love what you've done with it. Take care Zo xx

Annie said...

I'm chuckling at your post today Jo....I love those quotes....think I fit every one of them too :-)
What a fab Ikea crafty holder what you've done to yours.
Have a great's manic here today. I seem to be wearing so many hats but so far I've seen all my kids [yes the grown up variety] and have been kissed to within an inch of my life by Lexi so what's not to love :-)
Have a great week my friend.
Annie x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday have been busy and the swag looks great. I do like your sewing kit - your personalising artwork is super. The Quilters poster is just so true - threads in particular. Enjoy your week Robyn

Barb said...

Hi Jo, Your swag looks fantastic. I wish I had that skill. I like your new sewing case. I'm sure you'll find it very useful and it's pretty too. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

tilly said...

loving your fab swag..... pleased it's gone away for a while....super sewing kit but useless for idea's for the inside lol...not done much sewing but a lot of tidying after the pre coffee day overload! lol
Tilly x

Hettie said...

Ooooo I am liking your swag! Your case looks great too. Glad you have taken it would be dusty otherwise.

Angela Radford said...

You quite confused me there I thought it was Christmas. The holly swag is lovely and so is the rest of your sewing. Love the poster, very true. Have a great weekend and happy crafting, Angela x

Lee said...

Oooooh Jo Love that swag,those holly leaves are soooo pretty.LOVE the poster hee hee.I have done some clogs and my friend is doing some too she loves them,thanks to you.Big Huggles xxx

Cardarian said...

Ha,ha I love your IKEA sewing case - no need to have the green eye - yours, with all the lovely artwork, is much nicer then mine! And as I told you earlier the swag is just amazing!
Lots of hugs,

Lisca Meijer said...

I want one too! The lettering is gorgeous
The fabric is very Christmassy too.
I love the quote about the quilter. I can well believe it.
Have agood week,

Twiglet said...

Great Xmas swag - think I might have to have a go when I have finished the placemats. Your little kit is lovely- especially the way you have spritzed it up! x Jo

Kyla said...

Great makes and quotes

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous swag Jo! I love the sewing case. ..I imagine it will be well used! Great quilter quotes! I will be in touch - looking forward to seeing you! Chrisx