Saturday, 17 December 2011

Scarves, Gifts & Piggies!

With all the time indoors due to the bad weather in Devon and also with the long journey home there was still something good came of it all. I knitted and sewed and crocheted and didn't waste a minute of what would have been such wasted time. I completely made this knitted scarf from some beautiful, silk and wool, Noro yarn.
I had already finished off this one, which was crocheted, and wanted to see if it would work if I knitted another as it is always easier to knit without looking so I can easily do it whilst a car passenger or watching TV.
Pattern available!
These scarves (or shawlettes as they are called in printed patterns) are just triangles but I have added tassels and beads which work wonderfully well to weight the ends making the scarf stay in place and really easy to wear in a variety of styles. I worked  a plain pattern out for myself and they are very easy to make. I have already passed details on to a few people so if anyone else is interested please let me know and I'll give you the simple instructions.

Thanks to Bridget
I did a Christmas Decoration swap with Bridget of  Stamping up a Storm and I was so thrilled to receive mine today. Not only did I get this fabulous decoration below, in time for Christmas, but Bridget also very kindly sent all the lovely handmade goodies above. There is a music themed mini book, a candy treat, a card and two lovely very novel bookmarks, which I might just have to have a go at making! Thanks so much Bridget for being so generous and so clever too!
On our way to Devon we stopped for a break at South Molton only to discover  the local faming community in the midst of their Christmas Show. Lots to see, and all so interesting to me, a city girl, to land in the heart of the livestock and all the country goings on....
I fell in love with this new litter of piglets... they had a beautiful velvet sheen.
Really lovely, friendly, ladies demonstrated their weaving skills whilst behind them the dealings of the cattle progressed.
Wonderful hand carved crooks and walking sticks...
Rare breeds
I loved these special long haired (bunny rabbit!) sheep
The Bric a Brac was fascinating to mooch through....
We were so thankful to find the show in the Pannier Market as it was raining like stair rods outside! It was a sign of days to come for sure!!
Blog Candy to come soon!
My hit counter passed a crucial point at which I had promised myself to give away some blog candy. My plan was to have an open offer but to also give a gift to the person who added their name to my followers after the counter reached 66,666 and so Sylvia will receive a little gift. 
We've already made contact but thanks for becoming a follower Sylvia!
I'm in the process of organising my open offer of Blog Candy so 


sam21ski said...

Great makes Jo and what a fabulous way to use your otherwise 'wasted time'.

TFS your fab photos and well done to Sylvia.

Sam xxx

Twiglet said...

Jo - I love the little scarves - and yes I would like instructions please! Max would love one in her Christmas stocking I am sure. Shame the weather shortened your break away but for every negative there is a positive. x Jo

Annie said...

Love your scarves Jo. Just my fav colours :-)
Oh and I NEED one of those little piglings [I know now that they are actually called piglets but when I was little my much older sister Jo told me they were ducklings! and it just stuck :-) ]
A x

Cath Wilson said...

LOVE your scarves, Jo - brilliant and so stylish. Great photos of the piggies, too - I love em and used to enjoy going to the little farm place in Kirkby - the one open to kids. Lots of lambs and kids (the goat type) walking around and being stroked. Glad you got back safely and hope you're warm and cosy in your own nest x

Tuire Flemming said...

Beautiful scarfs! Those piglets are really cute - in a pile :) ...and those walking sticks are the kind I want to have someday!
Still raining here - the day never dawned...
Tuire xx

Ann B said...

Love the scarves Jo and I would like a copy of the patterns please. Little piggies are so cute but must admit to a bit of a phobia about the bigger versions, look like they could eat you up if they got the chance (I prefer it the other way round).
Sorry your holiday was cut short but it's no fun being stuck in all the time. Been to Barnstaple but not to the Pannier Market - looks good.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i would love to rummage in that market!

Pat Beaumont said...

love your blog - it is very inspiring - would love a copy of your crochet scarf pattern