Thursday, 26 April 2012

Aintree Racecourse Without Horses

Here are the only fillies out on the gallops at Aintree Racecourse today....
Carol carolcsstuff, Jo JoZarty (that's me!), and Neet hickydorums give an airing to the WOYWW badges at the Aintree Craft Show. No other WOYWW badges to be seen! A relaxing day, as it was not very busy today so we could look at leisure and even find seats in the food hall.
We met up with quite a few other friends, including Ann, with her fab new purple hair, and her DD Wendy.... those bags look stuffed!!!
Lots of exhibitions including the annual Madeira embroidery competition...
The well deserved Winner-Sally Wilson of West Yorkshire.
Highly Commended, Gill Kirk of Yorkshire
My top favourite by Christina Hudson of Lancashire
The Merseyside Embroiderers Guild had an excellent display and as I admired this exquisite goldwork geisha, I realised it was made by my lovely talented embroidery/textiles tutor from way back! Beautiful work June!

Some of the costumes from the Downton Abbey TV series on display
Liverpool Community College provided some examples of their fab fun extreme designs.... 
The front dress is made of Tesco carrier bags, the next from latex gloves
 The black outfit is made from bin bags!!
A few of the stands in the exquisite exhibition "The Art of Lace"
I spent lots of dosh for not a lot.... a standard daylight lamp for a bargain price, some new plates for my Vagabond, stocks of redline tape, and quite a bit of fabric but not one rubber stamp!
Still time for you to visit the show, if you are interested, as it's on tomorrow that's Friday, and also Saturday.
 An excellent mixed craft show with something for everyone, but most of all I really enjoyed the exhibitions.


sam21ski said...

Well it looks like you, Neet and Carol had a fabulous day Jo.

Thanks for sharing all the fab photos. I love the latex gloves dress and all those different colours hung in the photo after the geisha.

Sam xxx


Jo, you certainly know how take some interesting photos, and thanks for sharing them. What amazing work - the embroidery piece by Sally Wilson is out of this world, and as for the lace - I'm speechless!
Sylvia xx

Helen said...

That lace!!! beautiful.. Such displays...It sounds a great mixed show, what a lovely day out....

Ann B said...

You were very restrained on the spending there Jo, bet Neet spent more than that. Wish I could have been there today but not possible. Thanks for the photos of the costumes and the lace - stunning. I see some of the lace came from the All Hallows Museum in Honiton - I've been there and seen some of the examples, so delicate. Thanks for sharing

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Looks a fabulous day out and the lace exhibition is WOW. Thanks for showing. Tracy x

Sheilagh said...

Oh now I cannot wait for Saturday, thank you for the delicious taster xxx

Great photos



mammafairy said...

I am hoping to go Saturday afternoon, I work in the morning, so it will be a brief visit. Shame it is not on Sunday. But that should save some pennies!Glad you enjoyed it.

Heather Lynn said...

Looks and sounds like a great day! :) Thank you for sharing all of the great photos!


Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the exhibits at the show Jo, particularly the lace!

Annie said...

Looks like you all had a fab day out. Thanks for sharing.
A x

lisa said...

You look like you had a great day, Jo. It looks fascinating. I see the ladies from Yorkshire have been busy!!
That lace is exquisite and I think i'll take up wearing bin bags from now on.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Twiglet said...

Oh such gorgeousness on show Jo. We used to go to the Harrogate show each October and I really miss it. Thanks for giving us a glimpse at your fab day out with your buddies. x Jo

Paul B said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos from your day out. The exhibitions, as you say, look fascinating. The 'Art of Lace' stand looks particularly interesting. Glad it wasn't over packed as some of these events can be. You obviously chose the best day to go. As for the first picture...dare I start quoting "When shall we three meet again?" or will I get a slap from all of you lol. Pxx

Lee said...

Hi Jo,thanks for sharing your brilliant pics.So glad you and your buddies enjoyed yourselves.Hugs xx