Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Smile 10 is a Little Drummer Girl

It's Friday Smile time again thanks to Annie Wipso's idea to join her and start the weekend feeling happy.
Most of you know that I'm smiling because I am enjoying special time with one of my favourite little curly girlies, in snow clad Germany, and when I return home the other two curly girlies, the Brighton Belles, will be visiting my house for Easter. 
It hasn't stopped snowing here since I arrived but it never seems to get any deeper and all the pavements and roads are completely clear so it's no problem whatsoever to get around. Unlike England where 10 flakes fall and the whole country grinds to a halt.

Here's my Friday Smile,
Our little fraulein has an alternative way of playing the drums!
For a few more funny moments pop over Here to Annie's place. Hope to see you there!

For another smile, Tilly's 3 new quilts are now on the LillyBo blog ready for a peek!


Annie said...

Oh Jo that is tell her she will get a headache playing her drums like that though :-)
Hope you're having a wonderfulout in Germany. Biggest hugs from me.
Annie x

Helen said...

Friday smile duly raised here! How cute.... love her. It's snowing in lots of the uk (again!) too.... down my way we're "just" getting rain!!

Di said...

Aw Jo - so cute! Know just what you mean about the clear roads etc. over in Germany, even in deep snow - country roads are clear.Snow falling heavily in more northern parts of UK with more on the way - no doubt we'll grind to a halt :(

Hugs, Di xx

SueH said...

That's priceless Jo!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your visit and the snow isn't causing you too many problems.


tilly said...

it must be wonderful to see your beautiful granddaughter again now she is well, enjoy every second lol.....fab drum kit lol
Tilly x

lisa said...

A little Drummer girl I think, Jo. Glad you are having a lovely time despite the weather. It's no better here, we have woken to another day of snow here and it's not expected to improve over the weekend!!
Have fun.
hugs Lisax

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, she looks absolutely adorable dressed in her drum kit! Regret to say that we are covered in snow again, strong freezing east winds and blizzards have stopped play...... but good to hear that now does not stop you enjoying your trip. Hugs, Anne x

Gill Edwards said...

Ha ha ha, love that photo, thinking outside the box when it comes to playing an instrument eh

Glad you're having a good time there.

Gill x

Angie said...

Now thats a new way to play the drums cute
I so know what you mean about the UK grinding to a hault over snow but I have to say its pretty good up here. I remember the first time I heard the gritters and there was no snow ...Whats that for? I asked to be told ...Snow and a freeze must be least they think a head.
So glad you are having a fantastic time with the family.xx

butterfly said...

That's a fabulous photo!
Alison x

Cardarian said...

Ohhh so cute! She certainly has a big set of drums! Love it!
I hope you are enjoying your stay in Germany!
Lots of hugs,

glitterandglue said...

Just wonderful! Reminds me of the picture of our 4th grandchild sporting a potty, the latest fashion accessory

Twiglet said...

Priceless! xJo

Caro said...

Your little Fraulein is fantastic! I love her method of drumming. Thanks for the laugh! Caro xx #8

Elizabeth said...

Yes, your little drummer girl has made me smile too. I so remember that snow in Germany made not a whit's difference to life there. We've got snow here, a tad more than 10 flakes, but it's been a disaster - even some of the snow-clearing vehicles have been stuck. Our friends in Kirkcudbright are without electricity, therefore heat, due to a lightening strike and there's flooding in the south - what a day! Elizabeth xx

fairy thoughts said...

Ah fabulous little drummer girl, it made me smile and a much quieter way of playing them too.
I clicked on the link to go to your Lillybo blog and it took me to my blogger page, not quite sure what is happening there, I tried it several times and the same thing happened.
PS there is another quilt on the way.

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Absolutely brilliant, but could be very deafening. Thank you for sharing it with us, and have fun with your curly girlies. xx Maggie

cockney blonde said...

Oh how funny, she is a little character. As for snow, don't bother coming home yet, we'e got 6" and growing :(((

Hettie said...

Great photo Jo. Lovely to see her well

Kezzy said...

Lol just came from Annies Fridays smiles, this certainly made me laugh.
Lol lol drums, think your supposed to play them not wear them lol. Kerry xxx