Friday, 7 June 2013

Flat Susan Visits the Caves!

Sorry I didn't manage to get in for WOYWW but it looks like a great time was had by all who managed to get to the CROP.
Having trouble getting internet connection here in Germany but at last I'm in yet another bar catching up for a wee while and having a snifter or two... well, I'm on me jollies for goodness sake!
Here's the last leg of Flat Susan's adventures in Italy and Slovenia which I had prepped before I came here.
Italy....Abana Terme Market 
We loved this old Italian sports bar and the coffee was GREAT!

Moving on from Italy to the Postojnska Caves. What an experience!
We rode into the caves for15 min on a fast, very rickety open train with strict instructions not to stand up as, at times, the cave tunnels were only a few inches away from our heads. Scary!

It was an amazing labyrinth of huge passages, and when we arrived at the heart of the caves we walked the guided route for about an hour. Water dripped on our heads here and there but it all added to the atmosphere of this fantastic experience. The stalagmites took the forms of hobbits, trees, folds of fabric, Moomins and my imagination ran riot. 
I could not cope with the vastness of time and size when it took 100 years for just 1 cm of a stalagtite  to form.  
Through all this Flat Susan was very brave and quite amazed at the whole experience... as were we!

I wasn't supposed to take pics but didn't I do well? Amazing what no flash and a bit of editing can do!
See the little bridge, middle left, I remember whizzing over there with eyes shut with Donna last year!!
I still have a few pics to share, of Flat Susan's adventures with us, taken in Germany before she winged off airmail to Elizabeth. It may take a while as I don't know when we will have access to the net.
I really do have to have a think when I wake each morning to decide what day it is and where I am. Alzheimers coming on? No just the results of a whirlwind few weeks of travel.
Watch this space but thanks for all your comments to all of you who are following me and Flat Susan!


Annie said...

Wow Jo those caves are amazing. I'm very happy to enjoy your pics though as I don't much like being in confined spaces like that and doubt I could manage all the walking.....thanks so much for sharing. You really can let your imagination go wild in there can't you?
A x
ps check out quilt no.8 on my blog when you get a minute...think it's my fav :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

marvellous stuff Jo, looks like youve had cosnistently good weather. I get it abut the age of the caves...too much to take in! how stunning they are.

Helen said...

Wow, I have seen the caves at Cheddar but they have nothing on those - what a trip!! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Germany.

Paul B said...

Looks like you're having a fabulous time. Would love to go on the train ride in the cave! Looks jaw-dropping. Love it. Thx for sharing and enjoy the rest of your jollies :) Pxx

Neet said...

Wow Jo, those caves were fabulous. All that lovely sunshine you experienced and the wonderful sights you saw have been a real tonic. Thanks too for looking after Flat Susan so well.
Just hope she makes her worldwide tour.
Thanks and love to the family
Neet xx

Caro said...

You really are showing Flat Susan the sights aren't you. It looks like you have had a wonderful holiday. Thank you so much for my lovely ATC and the one you gave Alex...check out my blog for the results of your kind gift! Hugs as ever! Caro xxx

Angie said...

Wow ,those caves are amazing the photos all had a great time I see...thanks for sharing it all .xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo
Wow those caves look amazing, flat susan is having a great time... so are you by the look of things
thanks for sharing

Carola Bartz said...

Fantastic cave, wow! I like these images a lot. I had to love when you said you saw hobbits etc. - on your way to Middle Earth, aren't you?

pearshapedcrafting said...

Fabulous views of the caves! That train journey certainly sounds scary!! I know how you feel about checking where you are! We are off to France on Wednesday - we get comments from neighbours about our never being here although we were back for the barbecue the other day!

Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

We have very similar caves here in Virginia: Luray Caverns. I don't think we are going to make it there when Flat Susan is visiting us, however, that could change if she has a particular interest! Your pictures and talk about the rickety train ride reminds me of the bank in the Harry Potter stories...the one run by the trolls.

Thanks for sharing your adventures and enjoy the rest of your travels! Susie

Unknown said...

What am amazing journey and Flat Susan looked really interested - although you can never tell can you! Really enjoyed reading about the caves and am looking forward to Susan visiting! Cx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, those caves look absolutely amazing, and Flat Susan doesn't look a bit fazed by it all ... I suspect it's all in a globe-trotters day! Love the photo of the coffees - could just do with one of those just about now. Happy WOYWW. Elizabeth, and Flat Susan says, Hi from wet but warm Scotland :) x #78

Unknown said...

Love the caves. I am glad Flat Susan enjoyed her Jollies. What a shame she cannot come with me to Paris next week.
The book on my blog is the one we did at Stamp Club.
I used a travel theme so I can put photos in after we get back from Paris.


Ann B said...

Wow Jo! Looks like a set from an Indiana Jones movie. Love Espresso, probably the only Italian I know - 'Due espresso per favore'.

Oops, for got, here's another, 'una bichierra de vino rosso' (grammar probably all to cock but hey ho).

Haven't blogged or crafted for ages (again) but I must get my act together soon.

Ann B