Tuesday, 12 November 2013

WOYWW & Little Fabric Pots

I'm showing my work desk, as so many crafters do on Wednesdays, as part of the brainwave of Julia at Stamping Ground blog. Pop over if you are curios to see more of this world wide phenomena where we share our crafty spaces and all the creativity that's going on. 

I'm so pleased and relieved to hear that Peggy and Patsy, in the Phillippines, have posted, so are safe, but my thoughts go out to all those poor people who are in the midst of this terrible disaster.

I'm quite settled and happy sewing in the window of the guest bedroom where I have a stretch of work desk, right across that side, giving me an area for my sewing machines, overlocker and a large cutting mat. It's lovely and warm and there's good light through the day, so it works very well for me. My happy place!

I've been busy making these cute hady little fabric pots to go into CHICS           (children's cancer care support) Christmas craft sale. 
These are filled with cotton wool balls but could easily be used as trimming pots for crafting or handy storage for scissors and threads etc.
I then made some Christmas themed pots and filled them with sweets.
A bit of patchwork just on the flap of this one....
They are simply made from two 16 inch triangles of fabric, and a layer of interlining, batting, or fine wadding, sewn together, then turned inside out and pressed. The points are held together and they are then stitched half way up the three sides. Simple, quick and economical to make from very little fabric.
The flaps are fastened down and decorated with a bow trim or button. Cute eh?

A friend suggested making them from a softer fabric without any batting inside....so here goes...
they make excellent gift bags with a ring pulled over the points
and the points flap down like petals. I like it!
Next I had the idea to make tiny ones as tree decorations... you can see the size by the penny in the photo.
Here's my evening "work desk"!!! On my lap whilst I'm sitting on the living room sofa making crochet flowers to go on hair accessories.   More fundraising items for the school fair of one of my grandees in Brighton. 
Take a look at my previous post for lots of the finished results.
 I dropped this lot and had quite a tangle to sort out.
I work from a lovely little basket of cotton yarn at my side.
It was lovely to be back in the midst of you all last week, even though I was so late posting. Hope to see more of you this time round!


Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Jo what a busy lady you have been. I'm going to show my stitching friends your pots they are a great idea .
Lynn xx

Annie said...

Oh Jo I feel so at home in your creative space. I just wish I had a little more time for fun crafting [but I know my little munchkins will be all grown up too soon and I will have too much time then lol ].
Sending you much love and huge hugs.
Annie x

Lynne said...

Hi Jo. Despite my 'clean up' a couple of weeks ago - now I am on a roll with new things the Mess is back, so no way am I showing my workspace online!!

Love your little bags, and how versatile - making them in different sizes really extends the usefulness of the pattern; hope you raise lots of money for a good cause. Lx

Neil said...

Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
Thanks for the peek into your creative world today. Though I miss seeing your paper crafting I do enjoy seeing your fabric work. And I must say that I just love those triangle bags! Will you be selling them? I think they'd be great Christmas table decorations filled with chocolates.
Hope you have a good week too.

Neet said...

Lots of lovely stuff you are showing us Jo, you are working so hard and yet enjoying yourself. Good on ya Gal!
Love Neet xx 22

tilly said...

beautiful little bags and so versatile, must get busy instead of sitting here thinking about it lol
hope you are well

Cardarian said...

Oh your little pots and gift bags are just sooo beautiful! I will have to try to make some stuff out of my lovely materials - of course I can never compare with you! Your stuff is just sooo amazing! Looking forward to our chat on Friday!
Lots and lots of hugs

jill said...

Such lovely cristmas thing on your desk . Happy woyww Jill #28

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Another smile with the terms: Brainwave phenomena!!! must be too early for me for all these fun terms.
Love, Love the little fabric pots, just adorable. Pretty fabric and cute idea. I also spotted your serger, or overlock machine...I've one I've hardly used as I can't get the stitching right.have watched Youtube to see the problem, but. I've a few projects it really would be great to use it for.
Enjoy the week #82

famfa said...

What a whole lot of loveliness on your post today. Beautiful triangles - well done

CraftygasheadZo said...

Oh you have been busy, I love them all! Looks fab! Take care Zo xx 79

Anonymous said...

So darn cute! and I swear I have that exact basket, full of waiting to be sewn together crochet motifs! Nice to see yo here again - been a while... :)

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (20)

Krisha said...

What darling little pots!
Krisha #4

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Wow Jo! Your little bags are so beautiful - just might get me digging to the bottom of my fabric to get at all those Christmas fabrics I've bought and never used (hanging head in shame!) Whoops! nearly bypassed your lovely space in front of the window! Thanks for visiting earlier - I've been a bad blogger lately but hope to get more time soon! Chris 61

lisa said...

Hi Jo
It seems an age since I've caught up with you but I'm glad to see you are still busy and happy and that's good to hear. Love your little makes, they are gorgeous. You always find something new and beautiful to create.
Hope all the family and well.
Take care
Hugs Lisax

Unknown said...

You are one busy crafter. I just love those fabric pots, especially the Christmas ones. #13

Twiglet said...

Ooo Jo these are fab - yes - I will definitely be trying a few of those - I love the little Christmas tree ones. x Jo

Caro said...

Gorgeous fabric pots...you are so clever. They all work really well and are versatile for different things, but I think my favourites are the first variety! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#72)

Lynn Holland said...

Back again Jo, had to tell you that four of us sat working out how you had made the bags this afternoon. Were your ears burning ???

Mrs.D said...

Jo those pots are simply wonderful. I'm going to have to see if I can fathom it out and make some for the table at Christmas.
Just a little pair of earrings in them for the girls and ?????? for the men. Why do all the good ideas fall at the men ideas?
Ah well, back to the drawing board.
Chris #41

fairy thoughts said...

hey Jo good to see you back. love the little baskets you might just have solved my work present idea for this year I might try and make them in card and washi tape...in fact I'm gonna give it a go now. let you know how it turns out. you definitely need some of the amazing tzpe to keep your threads tidy .... have a goods time at the show, I enjoyed it in Farnham. Have a good week
janet #38

Nikki said...

Awe those little fabric pots are adorable good luck with the sale
hugs Nikki 23

fairy thoughts said...

me again.. yep that worked a treat, I like your ones better but the double sided card worked ok for what I want them for, I will post them next week
thanks Jo

glitterandglue said...

What gorgeous little bags, Jo. They are such fun. Must admit I'd like to try making them - any objections? Table decorations sound a good idea.
Have a great week.
Margaret #42

gardenpinks said...

Fabulous little pots Jo, love those :) So cute especially the small ones for the Christmas tree
Lynn (non WOYWW yet!!)

Eliza said...

Hi Jo,

Those little fabric pots as you call them are just brilliant I love them and they are so different too in a fantastic way. good for you. thanks for sharing.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 2

The Taming of the Glue said...

Love the little pots you've made. the tiny ones for the tree are so cute. Hugs. Pam#32

Anonymous said...

You always have such amazing projects on the go, the little fabric boxes are great, I do like the floppy one! Wool get's in such a tangle, seems like you turn your back on it for a second and it becomes a huge mess! As much as I grumble about winter and the cold I actually really enjoy the seasons, it wouldn't feel right to me to be so warm at this time of year!

Brenda 13

Kyla said...

Fabulous (and warm) stitching heaven there.

Love your little fabric pots, a great idea and even the softer ones for present wrapping (very Japanese, where they use fabric a lot to wrap gifts).

Thanks for visiting my desk already
kyla #51

Carola Bartz said...

Those little fabric pots are quite cute! And what a nifty idea to just pull the ring over them and have those "flower petals".

Helen said...

I can't believe I didn't come by on Wednesday, you are normally one of the first I visit... sorry!! These little bags are just fabulous... and will make wonderful gift bags. Helen 17

Shelley's "Crafty" Sites said...

Have been trying to work out the 16 inches for the pots and cannot get it around my head as 16 inches seems so big compared to your photos. Any help?