Friday, 15 April 2016

Liberty Lawn Leaf Scarves & Friday Smile

I have been messing about with an idea I've had in my mind for a long time and here's the result of my crafty endeavours. 
I was reminded of my idea when I spotted someone on the internet wearing just a string of larger leaves which is a bit more "artsy".
I made several light scarves from Liberty Tana Lawn fabric to wear as a form of necklace.
The leaf shapes were sewn together from double fabric, then turned out to the right sides and pressed. A rolled hem foot was used to machine a fine edge on the scarf then I hand stitched the leaves around the edge, adding small beads so they would dangle nicely and weight the scarf slightly so it would drape.  
After several experiments I am quite happy with this one below.
I varied the fabric patterns on the next one but I prefer them to be all the same, as in the pink scarf above.
Below is my first attempt but I think that the leaves are too big as well as being a mix of patterns and colours.

Friday has come around so quickly once again so
I'm adding a string of funnies to join in with Annie's Friday Smile over at  astichintime blog. Pop over to see more!
They were sent to me by my friend Jean in Australia and they really made me smile, so I hope you do too.


Barb said...

Wow Jo they are absolutely stunning. They are so elegant too.

I really enjoyed your funnies. I think I must live in a haunted house too!
Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

tilly said...

love the idea you had for the scarf, I prefer all the leaves the same as in your pink one as well, I also have a mystery person standing in front of my mirror, she also moves my stuff around then I can't find anything !!
Tilly x

Lisca said...

Oh what beautiful scarves! Great idea! I totally agree with you that the leaves should all be the same colour. And yes, smaller leaves on the blue scraf would look nicer.
Oh I did chuckle at the funnies you sent today. All of them!
Thank you for visiting mine and have a great week,

Annie said...

Hi Jo. Your funnies made me chuckle but your scarves really made me smile....they are really gorgeous. Clever you.
Annie x

pearshapedcrafting said...

These are all beautiful Jo! I think I like the ones with matching leaves most though! Love the funnies! Hugs, Chrisx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Loving your funnies and the scarves are gorgeous. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty weekend, Angela x

Lee said...

WOW,Love these scarves,like the all one colour one best tho.I have a passion for leaves as they are all so artistic in their own right.I know I'v said it "MANY" times,but you really are a very talented lady.Hope you got my new email addy.Btw,I have posted on my blog lol.Huggles xxx

Twiglet said...

Oh what a chuckle Jo - especially the wet my plants one! Your scarves are fab - I love the fabric. x Jo

Diane-crewe said...

they look great ... I knew my missing socks were going SOMEWHER!!!! lol x

Lynne said...

Ha ! Had a chuckle at the Facebook memes, Jo! I LOVE your scarves, and I agree with you the larger leaves are disproportionate BUT this idea of the larger leaves and beads would make a fab curtain…. d'you think?

Hoping to get out in the garden again today as the sun is shining. Yes, ME in the garden!!!! Lxxx

mamapez5 said...

Those are beautiful Jo. The fabric looks so light and soft. I definitely prefer the pink one, though blue would normally be my choice. Kate x

Neet said...

Jo, those are wonderful. You are clever.
Hugs, Neet xxx