Friday, 3 March 2017

Patchwork Nightmare Produces a Cushion

I am in the middle of so many makes but I still made the  mistake of taking on a group project last week.  Most of my quilt group have joined a "block of the week" project and asked me to participate. Just one block a week, I thought, OK, no problem, I'll be learning new things and the result will be a gorgeous quilt in a few months. Let's get started as I had 3 blocks to catch up as the others started whilst I was away in Devon. 
Hours later my heart was pounding and the block was unfinished so I threw it and tried the next one. Impossible instructions and confusing information, so that one almost ended in the bin when I realised that I really don't need this. I enjoy my stitching too much and find it relaxing.... USUALLY. Sooooo, I made the bits and pieces, I was attempting to juggle, into a block of my own and turned it into a pleasant cushion towards the tombola at our forthcoming group exhibition. 
Not perfect  points but, hey ho, it's a cushion!!!
 I also made one of my practise feather blocks into a cushion..... 5 more to go for the show and I love making them so much I intend to use up lots of scrap fabric and make a "feather" quilt.
Finally for this week, I finished "Penelope Patchwork", adding lots of little details. 
Spot the tiny pencil and ruler in her pocket and she just had to have a bag stuffed full of Liberty Tana Lawn fabric. I actually parted with some of my collection of vintage buttons too. 
One of the members of my quilt group pleaded with me to sell Penelope to her but she is going to keep me company in my sewing room.


tilly said...

what super makes, sometimeswe take on too much and then it is not fun anymore,....just made 2 scrap baby quitls for McMillan
Love your fab picture, no wonder you are keeping her

Helen said...

am loving those cushions! As for Penelope, i can see why people wanted to buy her!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the way you've added different coloured borders on the feather cushion.

Twiglet said...

Penelope is gorgeous Jo! You are such a clever thing - and I think your patchwork is wonderful. I have been making a quilt/duvet cover and really do struggle to get my seams straight and the right width. End result looks OK but I wouldn't want a real quilter to scrutinize it!! xx Jo

pearshapedcrafting said...

Penelope Patchwork is fabulous! I too am realising that to take too much on spoils the fun (and the pace at which I prefer to work/play)! Hugs, Chrisx