Thursday, 12 November 2009

Alcohol ink flower technique

I saw a great video on for these alcohol ink flowers. Thanks to Roni who has got this boxed off beautifully!!.
However I had great fun today trying out the technique and I suppose I'll get better at it eventually. Below shows my effort at the original technique before and after roughly sketching over with a permanent black pen. The scribble makes such a difference.
The above pic shows how it looks stamped over but I think it would work better with flower images that aren't quite so solid looking. For all the stamps I have, I couldn't find the perfect image. Isn't that always the way and why we are forever buying more. I remember the time when all my stamping stuff fitted into a shoebox... that didn't last long!!


Cath Wilson said...

I've been watching those techniques with interest, Jo - you got a good result - well done!