Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tiny Hats

My daughter in Germany saw an Advent Calendar in a magazine made up of tiny knitted hats and has asked me to make a set. As a result I have very swiftly founded the "Pixie Hat Company". It may be used as a permanent decoration in her baby's room so I'm not making it in Christmas colours. I will need the Pixies to help me make them in time for Dec 1st but I not only have to make 24 .... it will be doubled to 48 as my other daughter also wants a mini washing line full of them. The needles are sparking!!! Eeeek! If I can't manage them all, I'll aim for 12 each for this year and finish the rest at leisure.
Three down, 45 to go... watch this space.....


dizzy said...

i love this idea and how cute they are cant wait to see this finished look good look hugs xxx