Monday, 10 October 2011

Mini Houses & Pavement Art

What a hectic week! The main focus was Port Sunlight show on Saturday where I demonstrated for Stampattack but unfortunately Carol, alias "the Boss", was ill and couldn't make it so her DH Fred, my DH Dave and I soldiered on, set up on Friday and ran the stand on Saturday. All good fun and rather hectic but we pulled through even though Carole was really missed by us and many regular customers too. Carole is getting wrapped in cotton wool before the next show.
We received great feedback from all of the lovely people who stopped by and I must say a big thanks to Paul of Artsiders for his kind offer of help... but that's our lovely Paul!
This is the sample I made of the new range of Mini House Printers trays we had only just got in stock. They are quite deceptive and much smaller than the wooden one I made at Neet's workshop last week. 
They are also quite flat in comparison so can be made as a special card and I think they'd work well with a card front fitted. A really lovely handy little project which proved popular.
Carol has since made a great Steam Punk version which is on her website along with details to buy the various mini printer trays... click here for stampattack.
Here's the new little one being a little next door neighbour to my bigger one from last week and above is a side view.
Here's Carole's Steam Punk House
Each packet has 3 houses, one stand and one back piece so the 3 houses can be used separately or layered to add more 3D depth to the project.
There are also round trays and teeny weeny towns in the range but we were unable to make samples from them with all that happened. I can't wait to do house makeovers on them!
Mad dash rubber stash!! 
I ran around the show just 5 minutes before closing and it's amazing how much rubber I managed to buy! First  a visit to Linda at Lost Coast then Mary Kay at Stamp Camp, and Crafty Individuals couldn't be missed. I had already sent a friend to get a couple of stamps earlier from Jennie of the Stamp Connection and there are also some here which Carole gave me to make a future project but I missed visiting Indigo Blue.
 Too many stamps too little time!!!
It has been a real chore to mount them all ready for action but I am so lucky and can't wait to get all this new inspiration in use!
Pavement Art
I was fascinated by this special event in the centre of Liverpool recently. A special project by Urban Canvas to commemorate 50 years of the Beatles first starting their pop music careers. Pavement artists came from Holland and England to create a 3D scene, (also known as anamorphic art) which really tricks the eye. One end depicted the Beatles playing in the Cavern, the other end was a collage of the many subjects featured in their songs. When it was complete, the marquee was to be removed and the artwork was then open to the elements and the wear of passing feet.

 The photographs above, despite the artists still working, gives a taste of how it will look finished and it was amazing how the figures really appeared to be standing and the walls rose up from the pavement. Above amongst other songs depicted, Lovely Rita Meter Maid, Baby You Can Drive my Car and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds can easily be spotted above the Liverpool skyline.


Cath Wilson said...

You poor love - wish I'd known, I'd have helped. Glad you managed okay, though. Love the pavement art x

Helen said...

Love those houses but more especially the Beatles art. Wish I could see the finished thing.

sam21ski said...

Great idea to use the other house as a comparison Jo. And turned on its side, yes it is very flat.

That pavement art looks stunning, such bright colours and great images.

I spoke to Kay from IndigoBlu on Sunday at the show at Lincoln and she said she's been at Port Sunny the day before.

Sam xxx

Chris said...

So sorry I didn't get chance to chat on Saturday, Jo, but every time I passed your way there was a great crowd around you. Love your mini house, gorgeous colours and lovely decoration.

Dotpat said...

Love your house Jo, sounds like you were really busy Saturday.
I love those street artists aren't they clever, wish I could draw like that what talent

Craftgirl said...

I love your house Jo. All the samples I did and was too ill to come but I am so proud of you and Dave to help Fred for the 2 days. I really missed being there.

The Beatles pavement art is awesome too.
Thanks for sharing.

Carol xxx

cockney blonde said...

Oh dear, I so love those mini houses, may NEED to get some.....
Thanks for sharing the pavement art, it always fascinates me how deceptive it can be. Love it, x

Paul Browning said...

Your houses look fabulous, I thought so when I saw them irl :) and if you ever find yourself short again, please do not hesitate to call, I'll happily help out. Thanks for demoing the beautiful book. it's on my desk being admired every day. love the technique. So easy and yet so effective. Hope you are having a well earned break :) Pxx

judith@poppy cottage said...

It was lovely to see you on Saturday Jo, however briefly, it was mad. Such a shame you didn't get to IndigoBlu, as some of my work was on display there! Love your houses, and it was fab to see you demoing. The pavement art looks amazing, Judith xx

Ann B said...

Gosh Jo, you have been busy. Couldn't make it to Happy Stampers on Saturday so I'm doubly envious of your rubber stash. Can't believe that after a day of working so hard you still found time to mount all that rubber, I would have been in a heap in the corner.

lisa said...

Blimey, Jo it sounds like you've been extra busy. Well done for manning the stall like a trooper with the aid of your "helpers". I can't believe you managed to buy all those stamps, you're worse than me!!! Can't wait to see them inked up.
That pavement art is amazing, it looks so 3D, there are so many talented people in the world aren't there.
Hope you have had a good rest this week, you deserve it.
Hugs Lisax

hazel said...

Fabulous houses Jo, I love them both and the pavement art is brilliant.
xxx Hazel.

Bridget Larsen said...

YOur mini art is absolutely gorgeous. pavement art is to die for, unfortunately we dont get that much here, everything is too clean
Bridget #37 WOYWW 125