Tuesday, 11 October 2011

WOYWW 123 & Wrap Books

Like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning
On an ever-spinning reel
As the images unwind
Like the circles that you find

In the windmills of your mind
Sounds familiar?  The words from the theme music to the film "The Thomas Crown Affair" perfectly describe how life has been and here we are full circle for another WOYWW123. See what you've done to me Julia!!?? Intrigued or confused? All will be revealed at Stamping Ground.

Here's the state of play on my temporary work desk... my dining table has been taken over because my work room is still heaving with stash from my demmoing last Saturday, all waiting to be decanted back into cupboards and boxes. I just don't feel like tidying, I feel like making... even if it is another MESS! 
I've just taken the first step to make a memory book for one of my DDs using jottings taken from my diary of her first year.... 1974! I really don't know where it is going but it will evolve.
Well alright, I'll fess up and show my regular spot.... so this is my heaving, real, work desk with only a couple of strawberries exposed.
Here's a couple of mini books from my box of samples on the desk. I was given a great, fantastic, thank you very much!!! idea, by Donna (Doone) who suggested making and giving away these easy mini books at the show. For want of a better name I call them "Wrap books". I was demonstrating Distress Stains and could quickly fold the decorated strips of card into one of these great little books. 
There is a video tutorial on Donna's blog which I can't manage to find but will get the link from her asap. 
I do get fed up of tags when demmoing, no matter how effective they may be, and I always prefer to give an idea as well as a technique to visitors, so, thanks to Donna, this was the perfect answer and worked so well. I made so soooo many but enjoyed every minute of the day.
I must admit that I only decorated the covers of the books I gave away but here is one of my samples, with 12 sides on 6 pages, inked, stamped and decorated.
Thought I'd be seasonal so I used the "Leaves" plate from Stampattack

Huge apologies that I didn't get round to very many of you last week but it has been manic.


Franka Benjaminsen said...

Hmmm, your desk looks brilliant. Not the best place for crafting, but the perfect place sniffing around. Your mini books are great. Love the autumn colours and stamps you've used. Try to find out more about this technique. Thanks for sharing.

Helen said...

Love that wrap book.

Neet said...

"Calm down, Calm Down" (spoken with a Liverpool accent of course). Great desk, great give aways - glad you had a good time. Dashing. Thanks so much for sharing - Hugs, Neetxx #8

Paul Browning said...

These are fantastic books Jo. And I love the idea of wanting to make mess & be crafty rather than tidy up lol. Whilst you're in a creative flow just go with it. As many of us creative types can attest, lulls affect us too. So make hay, as the saying goes. Pxx

Annie said...

You can't do as much as you do and keep everything clean and tidy so don't worry. Strawberries are out of season just now anyway :-)
A x

Ann B said...

Great mini books Jo, are you going to show us how to do them, would make a good 'make and take' don't you think.
Sorry I missed you on Saturday but I was up to my neck in birthday cake ha ha.


What a splendid set of stuff this week. Such a lovely idea to give away little books, the finished one is beautiful (but I am a sucker for all things autumny!)

Angie said...

I love the look of those wrap books ...the one you showed finished, was so beautiful ...I love autumnal tones. Your creative table was such fun to nose through xx

Neil said...

Hi there. Just a quick peek around the door this week as time is definitely not on my side! I did want to visit though. You certainly have been busy! Not surprised you had to go find a temporary table ...... don't envy you the sorting out!

SueH said...

Oh I love your organized chaos Jo, your desk looks well busy!
What a fab idea to give away the little books.
I was at Ally Pally recently and watched many demonstrations but by the time I got home I had completely forgotten how to do them. Having a little something to take away with you gives you a quick reminder of how it should be done, not that my attempts ever turn out looking like the samples. Lol.

Happy Crafting!

jo said...

Thise mini books are gorgeous - stunning colours you have used.

Jingle said...

Your books are fabulous! Love those!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the colours and the sentiment of the Autumn Leaves page - beeyootiful :) Boy, but you've been busy - leaves me quite breathless at the sound of it all! I love the song that you started with btw, got it in my head now.....!
Hugs, LLJ xx

Carola Bartz said...

Your "wrap books" look phenomenal - I definitely have to look for that video. I absolutely love the colors - yum yum - my favorite shades. And yes, you will have quite some clean up to do, but isn't it worth it?

minnie_mac said...

Love your book of autumn colours.


Craftgirl said...

I packed all my stuff for the show and it is still packed up. LOL

I loved seeing the wrap books in the flesh last week.They are stunning. Now I should have time to make one too.

Have Fun

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And I'm late getting here today, so we are both doing OK. It's OK if you can't visit. I understand that time can be a blessing, a curse, or a luxury. I am crazy about your books. I'm not a tag person, but I like books. They make great demo canvases. Way to go. Happy WOYWW from # 11 this week.

Sunshine Girl said...

I quite often have to move to a temporary table as my main one is regularly too cluttered! love the little wrap books - good idea for giveaways.

Julia Dunnit said...

Great idea from Donna Jo, your attendees must have been delighted! I've always found that even after a regular workshop, I need to craft before unpacking - something todo with watching others do it, ot the thousands of ideas tha trun through your head at a demo!!.

Dotpat said...

I love your wrap book too Jo it is so colourful and cheery too

Morti said...

Yup, that's a pretty cool idea. Now, to first get me some distress stains....

Twiglet said...

Brilliant little book idea - I am sure they will be treasured. The Autimn colour scheme is perfect isn't it. x Jo

butlersabroad said...

Hah! So now you have two messy desks to tidy up instead of one!! That didn't go to plan now did it!! Love the little books and how amazing to still have your journals from 1974! Hubby is feeling much better now thanks, but guess who woke up with a sore throat this morning????


karen said...

I am curious to see where you will go with the memory book for your daughter! Already it is a treasure with your entries from her first year!
I love your wrap around books! I will have to go visit Doone and see if I can find out how to make them!
Thanks for visiting me earlier!
xoxo Karen

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

That is pretty, thanks for sharing!
Hey, Pixie Dust Paperie is having a giveaway, please come join in the fun!

lisa said...

Sounds like you need to take a breather, Jo!!
Those wrap books are beautiful, what a lovely idea to give them away to your visitors. I bet they were queuing round the block for them. The Autumn one is lovely, just like the floor of an Autumn wood!
Have a lovely weekend.
Hugs Lisax

sandra de said...

Wrap books what a great idea and I love the colours you have chosen.

MaggieC said...

Beautiful colours in that book, the sort of colours we should be seeing on the trees at this time of year, but aren't. Our trees seem to have missed the beautiful display and gone direct to dropping their leaves.

Lee said...

i adore Autumn.Those colours you have are AWESOME.xxx

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Hi there dear kind caring Jo thanks so much for popping over and for saying you would send a card to Debbie too thanks very full on here - and for some reason blogger is letting me see photos on some blogs and not on others think it has something to do with this new light-box they have installed for viewing pickies it has messed up the works - and so cant see any of your pickies, see you God willing on Wed, all being well, love Shaz.xx

Haseeb said...

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Bridget Larsen said...

What a great idea to keep your demo samples in a ring booklet, ideas for tought
Bridget #37 WOYWW 125