Friday, 9 December 2011

Gifts Galore!

I have been so lucky through blogland to make such lovely blogging buddies and also occasionally to enjoy their generosity.
Earlier this year I joined in a pif, Pass It Forward, idea where each person involved committed to make a small gift, within the year, for 5 others when they signed up to receive a gift. 
Ever increasing circles of friendship and kindness and such a lovely way to start the New Year.
 I linked up with Tuire in Finland who despite having a really difficult year has still managed to meet her commitment, which I had completely forgotten about, and this lovely journal is my pif gift and such a surprise as a result. 
Thank you so much Tuire. 
The front cover
 Some of the inserts, between the blank pages included for my use, and handy envelope pockets too.

I love the Finnish postage stamps and dictionary pages 

I wonder who this handsome fellow could be?

Recently I sent a couple of "very quickly crocheted" hats, as a surprise, to Lee in Devon to keep her ears warm whilst walking her dogs on the beach. I told her not to send me anything but thanks in return and this pile of lovely treats came with my postie today... Thanks so much Lee and I hope your forthcoming operation goes easy for you and you'll still be on turkey basting duty by Christmas!!!.
Besides all this I won some fabulous fabric bunting from Lunch Lady Jan's blog. Aren't I the lucky one? This is so beautifully made and the best thing is that it will be used all year round as there aren't any Christmas images on it!! Thank you sooooo much Jan!!
.... there are certainly some beautiful people out there in blogland who I am so grateful to know. Thank you one and all!

For a nice bit of musical fun popover to who has such a fun spoof video on her post all about Steampunk. Thanks Sam for a good laugh.
What trend can we come up with next?????


Annie said...

There certainly are some lovely folk out there in being one of them :-)
I received our parcel today thank Jo. You really are a gem.
A x

Lottie said...

I so love your blog and projects and news - I don't always have the time to leave comments - but I really enjoy everything about it - I always 'go away' with a smile on my face after reading it.

Wish I could have been a 'fly on the wall' of your latest Christmas get together

Off to look up last year's 28th december

sam21ski said...

Yes Jo, what great people we have as crafting friends, always willing to share our makes and buys!!

Have fun - Sam xxxx

Ann B said...

Lucky you Jo but then generosity is rewarded with generosity (just made that up but it sounds OK).
Love the journal and the bunting, beautiful, and thanks for explaining what PIF stands for - always wondered.
Happy weekend

Sheree said...

What a lovely surprise your friend sent you! She has done a beautiful job putting it together!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday Jo!

Paul Browning said...

Hi Jo!!! Thx for the fab comments and the link you popped on my blog :) I saw those little houses last year & saved it to my evernote file but had since forgotten about them, so it was wonderful to be reminded of them again. You're right, they look gorgeous & have a great scope for altering in many different ways. Enjoy your travels. Pxx

Doone said...

i got a tuire book too - will blog it weds, and by golly, that's quite some stash, and it's not even Christmas yet, I buried your angel somewhere - it may not arrive until new year...

Lee said...

Hi Jo,your gift from Finland is so Beautiful,she is a talented lady like yourself.I LOVE my hats,was wearing one today in the house cus they are so lovely.You are so welcome,i know you can make use of the crafty bits n bobs.I am actually in Cornwall LOL but no matter not too far from Devon.Will be in touch after me op.Take care.Huge Huggles to all.xxxx