Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I missed last week as I was so busy with the outside crafting events which I've posted over the last few days. I've had a great crafty time meeting up with lots of creative people whilst demming at the Port Sunlight Show and at Card-io's open day.
 I was lucky to meet up with Redanne for the first time and a few other WOYWWers, .....Jenny the Artistic Stamper, Judith of Poppy Cottage, AnnB and Tracy Evans but it was such a shame that we only had a chance to say a quick "Hello" as it was seriously busy.
This desk has seen a lot of action over the last couple of weeks and although it has been getting cleared, then used, then cleared, then used again, you are lucky, (or not as the case may be) to get me in a messy phase as I have dumped on it so much of the materials and equipment I used last weekend. 
The red topped cans are compressed air from the fun alcohol ink dem I did, and will be posting all about that in the next day or so. The desk really isn't as bad as it looks and will soon be cleared away.
To prove I'm a sane, sensible, but arty, person for showing this mess, (yes, I am, I really am) just pop over to the lovely Julia's blog at stamping ground where you will find almost a couple of hundred more like minds, all proving that I'm not alone.
Nature's Visitors
Below I just had to share the return of the poppies under my front window. We had a lovely display of them last year from "seeds on the wind" and it looks like we'll be treated again to their glory this year. DH so nearly pulled them out as weeds until he beat a hasty retreat on hearing my panicky screams to leave them alone!! They are growing rapidly day by day.
Not far from the poppies were these two beauties, below...... such colour and markings that I've never before seen in my garden on a snail. Their beauty allowed them to survive and not suffer the fate of all the miserable grey ones that eat away at the plants. The left hand one looks just like a humbug! I find it hard to get rid of anything living but after putting them on the garage roof for the seagulls to do their wicked way with them, they thrived. The house painter said "Do you know that the garage roof is pebbled with snails and they're  sliding up my paint can and diving in!?"
Hope to visit quite a few of you this week but meanwhile thanks to all those who contacted me in my absence last week. I really appreciate being missed!


Annie said...

So nice to see you and your messy desk back today :-) Love the snails and poppy plants....isn't nature wonderful?
A x #62

Tuire Flemming said...

Hi Jo!
Glad to hear that you have been busy and creative! Wish I could have met all of you, too!
Amazing, where those poppies are growing.
Where I lived as a child, were a lot of those "humbug" snails. They are really beautiful!
Happy wednesday!
Tuire #34

france charles said...

Hi Jo! seems like we're all on the same cruisade on education our dear hubbies on what's weed and what's not! Imagine, my sweetie killed a rosebush... lol
You shouldn't doubt your sanety just by the looks of your workspace. That's called temporary creative chaos!
have a happy week :)
france #78 xx

Neet said...

What fab snails - you must read Jude's comment on my blog post today - think it was about your nails really.
You have reminded me to look for those particular poppies in our garden, I pinched them from aunties last year. Look forward to seeing yours in flower.
TTYL - Hugs Neet (still recovering from our day out)

inkypinkycraft said...

A super busy desk!! Love the snails , we had lots of teeny baby ones last year as small as a pea and still cute! Hugs trace x 35

Redanne said...

That comment about the snails on the roof and the painter made me giggle, so funny. I have just seen on Neet's blog what you got up to yesterday - what amazing food you had! I was great to meet you too at Port Sunlight, always nice to put a face to a name. Hope you did well on the day, it sure was busy, can't wait for the next one. Your messy desk just proves what a creative crafter you are! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #18

Karen said...

Oooooh another yellow tape gun appearing.....must investigate sometime. Love the very precise food you enjoyed, quite a work of art! Hope the pudding sampling went well too. Karen 110 x

jude said...

Wow creative desk interested to know what you do with air cans have few of them lying around hubby gets them from work.It's nice to be back!
Havent been on awhile so doing catch up and have missed the wednesday morning ritual so much!
Have fab wednesday hugs judex32

Helen said...

just realised I left my desk number on the later post about your day out with Neet.... oh well!! I've never seen stripey snails - the one on the left does look humbug-like indeed - but you wouldn't catch me eating one!!! Helen, 17 (again!!)

Rita said...

Fabulous desk Jo. What a great day you had with Neet, that food looks amazing, I bet it tasted lovly. Please tell us about the air cans?? Enjoy your day. Hugs Rita xx 67

Ann B said...

They may be pretty Jo but they can eat just as much as the ugly ones, and now you have a few they will spread like wildfire. I love it when birds or the wind bring me seeds. I have ended up with aquilegia (columbine), poppies, ferns and last year, a mountain ash. Andy keeps threatening to pull it up as it has reached the top of the fence but I have placed a 'protection order' on it.

Ann B

Cardarian said...

Since I was galavanting you have put so much interesting stuff on your blog, I have flipped through but I will have a good look and you will have to show me all that when you come here! You had a great day out with Neet too with some wonderful gastronomic delights!
I will be in England from Friday to Tuesday! I will try to give you a buzz on Skype!
Lots of hugs and love,

Doone said...

it is always such a tease to be too busy to really spend time with people at the shows - there shoudl be an after show party or something...

dx 118

Lunch Lady Jan said...

They're like Yin and Yang snails :) Gorgeous colours, isn't nature amazing?? Loved the pics of your day out and scrummy lunch with Neet -what a lovely place, never heard of it before. Glad you made the most of the glorious weather :)
Hugs, LLJ ~57 xx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Actually, Blooming Bush Bunting could be quite interesting!! LOL - a sideline for Jan's Whippy ice cream van :D
Love, Jan xx

mark gould said...

Happy woyww, looks like you have been manic over the last few days, thats one rammed work space. Love the concertina tag. thanks for stopping by, mark

Princess Judy Palmer said...

The desk shows the aftermath of a lot of fun, that's for sure. I'm totally curious about the alcohol inks with compressed air thing. We used to have a persistent poppy when we lived in Ohio. Mom didn't plant it but there is was. Such a lovely flowers. Those snails are beautiful. Those are the kind people buy and keep as pets methinks (although what kind of people I'm not saying). Thanks for sharing the bits of nature.

okienurse said...

great looking desk...very busy looking indeed! Love the pics of the snails and the poppies. My front garden is primarily planted with recurrent perenials that seed themselves each year. I just pull out the weeds and let them go! Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great week. Vickie #28

Trish Latimer said...

REALLY intrigued about the compressed air and alc inks Jo...will be waiting with baited breath to see pictures!!!!! happy woyww! Trish #51