Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Bunting

I didn't manage to join in with WOYWW this week but I'll be popping in to spy on some of the posts.
Just a quicky post from me today as I've only just arrived home after my travels and as the weather really hasn't improved I hope to cheer things up with my Easter Bunting.
I did imagine, as I made it a while ago, that it would hang in the garden when the curly girlies, (who arrive tomorrow), have their Easter Egg Hunt! 
I can hope that, just as the Arctic wave arrived, it will go as fast as you like and a Spring heat wave will warm us for the weekend. Shush! I hear you laughing already!
Well, you've got to have a dream!
I was thrilled to receive parcel containing another super quilt from Janet Fairythoughts which will be posted asap on the LillyBo blog.

I'll be taking this string of pennants with me to the Art Specially Show in Zeist, next week!
Lots of die cuts made it so quick and easy to make.


SueH said...

Great Bunting Jo.
It’ll certainly brighten up the garden, seeing as the weather has stopped a lot of the spring flowers putting in an appearance this year. Mine were just poking through and the frost and snow has finished them off I think.
Enjoy your Easter Egg hunt next weekend.
Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 101

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to you anyway :)

Love the Easter makes - the plant pot is just adorable. But what? no quilts? :)
Mary Anne

CraftygasheadZo said...

Super fab bunting Jo. Hope you enjoy your time with the little ones. Take care Zo xx 117

Annie said...

Love the bunting Jo and glad to see you're home cos there is a parcel from Jo and I on it's way to you :-)
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Fab bunting Jo. Let's hope the weather improves for the Easter egg hunt. Have fun in Zeist :-)
Anne x

lisa said...

We can but dream, Jo. Don't think there will be any egg hunting outside this year, do you. Still your beautiful bunting will look just as lovely hanging up inside. The Brighton Belles will have a high old time hunting their eggs!
Can you really believe that when they go back to school after the Easter break they will be starting the Summer Term. Someone needs to tell the weather!!
Hope you had a brilliant time in Germany and it's lovely to have you back safe. Have a lovely Easter and an exciting trip to Holland.
Hugs Lisax #60

tilly said...

Nice to see you back, hope the girlies have a good journey tomorrow, love the bunting and I'm sure they will love the egg hunt
Another quilt sitting here that need wrapping ready for you
Hugs Tilly

Redanne said...

Fabulous bunting Jo, I just wish I could wave a magic wand and have beautiful Spring weather arrive for the weekend......alas, I don't have one. Hope you had a wonderful time on your visit to Germany. How lovely that you have another visit to look forward to. Hugs, Anne x

Sandy Leigh said...

That is so cute! I might have to make an Easter bunting now!

cockney blonde said...

Love the bunting Jo. Hope you enjoyed your trip, x

fairy thoughts said...

I dont think even the bravest curly girly will be egg hunting outside this Easter, what a shame as your bunting is so cheery and fun, still you can have it inside. I still have to prepare a clued egg hunt for my girls.... they are 26 and 21 he he.
enjoy the holidays
janet #16

Von said...

Oh isn't that just a fab bunting Jo:)
Have a good Easter
Von ☺

Neet said...

Love your bunting Jo, nice to have you back. Lucky you, one grandee down, two to arrive. Must warm your heart to see them all more or less together. Hope all was well in Germany.
Hugs, Neet xx

butterfly said...

Wow - what fabulous bunting... hope you get lots more sunshine to display it in, and have a wonderful Easter!
Alison x