Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday Smile No 15 & More Fancy Dress

The sun is still shining and I am happy for that and many more reasons. I'm back on track feeling well again and at last getting so much accomplished this week. 
I made a pale blue Merida outfit, which is in my last post, for my grandee in Brighton and I've just finished this one for my grandee in Germany so now all three will have similar dresses.
I love making the head dresses and I managed to make up a practical, soft crown with elastic at the back to keep it in place. There's also a veil to wear under it. The gold trimmings are plastic and come by the yard so cheaply but really do look so effective.
Here's the dress.... just needs to be hemmed when I check the length.... they are all growing so quickly.
There's a head band which doubles as an optional  belt and the medallion is removable so it, and the belt,  can be used with other outfits.
I also made all this!
It's a fancy dress costume ready in advance for Halloween... a witch's skirt and cape, and here's the quirky hat ...
It's Friday Smile Time, thanks to Annie, and I'm so glad she does have something to smile about after a traumatic worrying week for her and her family. After being rushed to hospital, little Sam is happily on the mend so pop over to hear all about it on her Friday Smile 
Warning! Skip the next bit if you have an aversion to rodents....

This was going to be my smile.....We spotted these two amazing creatures in the pet section of our local garden section....... I think they are more of an Eeeew....yuk! Wrinkly hairless rats..... who on earth would want one of these as a pet? Sooooooo, instead....
I thought I'd better give an "oooooh!" too, so this morning I took a pic of my lovely Camellia to share, which DD2 bought me in a tiny pot, for £1.99 in Woolworths (Ah, I miss Woolys, don't you?) about 20 years ago! I think of her with love and give thanks each time it produces it's abundance of beautiful blooms. It is now a substantial tree of about 10 feet high which is such a pleasure to see from our living room window, flowering for weeks and weeks.

Keep Smiling 
and if you haven't got one of your own at the moment, pop over to Annie's to share everyone else's.


Annie said...

Hi Jo.
I'm smiling at all of your pics today.
Your outfits are amazing and can well imagine the smiles on those girls faces :-)
Those rats!...only their mothers could love them :-)
Your gorgeous flower is stunning...I'm sure it's far more advanced than the ones around here.
Annie x

Redanne said...

Thank you for the smile today Jo, love the little dress and crown (you are so clever!), not so much the rats but your camellia is absolutely stunning! Love it! Hugs, Anne x

Twiglet said...

Perfect post to make us smile today Jo - even the rats made me grin - who would want one of those??? Your camellia is stunning - fab colour. x Jo

sam21ski said...

Wow Jo you are uber talented making all that stuff.

I love those rats, wouldn't want one, but thought they looked soooo cute!!!

Sam xxx

Caro said...

Your outfits are all simply amazing. The camelia is stunning...although i really like rats I can't say I am so keen on the hairless variety! Thanks for sharing. Caro x #7

505whimsygirl said...

Wow - you are quite the seamstress! The dress is amazing and love the witch costume. The hat has so much character.

And I'm with you on the rats -- so glad you closed with the beautiful shot of your plant!!!


Angie said...

Sorry I missed your smile post so much to catch up on and I actually posted more than I have in very long time so got confused ...easy for me lol.
You are so clever with the costumes ...what lucky Gkids you have ... and as for the bald rats ...ewwww and a little yuk....but then I didn't used to like bald cats and the more I see the more I like them.xx

lisa said...

What a great post, Jo. I love your costumes and had to smile at how organised you are, Halloween sorted already!!!
Your Camellia is stunning. I have a Woolys Wisteria that must be 15 years old over an archway and it is so beautiful each Spring. I miss Woolys too!!
I'm so glad you are feeling back to normal again.
Hugs Lisax

Mariëtte said...

You are a busy girl, so versatile talented!
I love your crown, I can use an orange one for next Tuesday (Queensday last one...changing into Kingsday).......
Enjoy your weekend.

Cardarian said...

Lovely post - I like all the things you made and the camelia is amazing! A. has a small one in his garden but we really enjoy when it flowers! How wonderful is nature! A lovely tree grows out of that small little pot you were give so many years ago!
Lots of hugs,

Hettie said...

What a mixed bag this week Jo! The costumes are gorgeous, the rats are ewch! And the Camelia is wonderful. I too miss Woolies!

gardenpinks said...

What a talented lady you are and I bet your grand daughters are so proud of you :) Those dresses and crowns are gorgeous, very posh frocks indeed!
Beautifully stunning camellia and yes I miss Woolies too. We have an apple tree still going strong that we bought in Woolies about 20 or so years ago :)
Lynn x

sandra de said...

Woy that Camelia is beautiful and the fancy dress outfits stunning.
Sandra @101