Friday, 19 April 2013

Friday Smile!

Here's a Friday smile to join in with Annie's idea to start the weekend off happily. I'm pleased to hear that her little grandson Sam is now out of hospital and home and after all the worries Annie still finds time to SMILE so I'm sure we can too!
We are always talking about the weather in England and lately we have had a lot of it to talk about so I remembered ......
When we were in Slovenia we saw this sign outside a restaurant at the top of a mountain and my lovely friend Dolores (Cardarian) translated, telling us that the donkey predicted the weather by the condition of it's tail! I do think this one may be a little rude but only she ( and other Slovenians) will know.

Here are a couple of other weather forecasters which do the same job but will be more understandable to English speakers!!

Must admit that I have made these for crazy birthday gifts!
If you set one up in your garden please make sure it isn't near the windows incase you get windy weather.
There were dozens of versions when I looked on the net but I think I like the donkey best!!
Keep smiling and why not pop over to Annie's blog for more....


Annie said...

What a giggle Jo. Of course you could always use a piece of seaweed too :-)
Annie x
Ps thanks for caring x

Carol said...

Hi Jo, oh yes, we certainly have had a "lot of weather".
Thank you for the smile, yes. Ithink I like te donkey best too.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

tilly said...

a great idea both for a gift and a smile lol

Caro said...

The donkey looks great! I have seen the stone before and it makes me smile each time. Thanks for sharing a smile or two. Caro x (#6)

cockney blonde said...

Yes that's made me smile too, x

Tinkertaylor said...

One large smile on my face