Friday, 14 June 2013

Flat Susan's German Jaunt

We took Flat Susan out shopping to the market in the Rathaus Square.
It's Spargel season and she was fascinated to see the stall where they strip it on the machine while you wait. She said that she loves it but I didn't ask if it has the same effect on her as it does for me!! Eeeewww!
     What a thrill for her to see the tour carriage going around the town.....
         and even more excitement as they stopped to say "Hello" to her!

                            Peter and Reudi were so friendly and Flat Susan really loved them.
This special little Fraulein loved this fountain down near the river and wanted to step in with the children but I didn't scare Flat Susan by letting her too close to  even more water, after her previous experiences.         
This is the first time I've spotted "Love Locks" fastened to the railings, as has become popular in many other countries. Couples attach a padlock, engraved with their names, to symbolise their everlasting love. I was shouting after DH (there crossing the bridge in the beige jacket) "Which one's mine!?" but he just walked on without a cursory backward glance. 
The tower is part of the Bergenstraum hotel and looks like Rapunzel should be hanging her locks from the top window. It's a very romantic honeymoon suite up there and my DD stayed in it after her wedding.

We took her around to see the town. Above is one of the main streets and below is this old Apotheke (the chemist).
Some of the other old lovley buildings
This optician's windows were filled with yellow pansies.
Later we went to the kindergarten's Summer Barbeque which was held in the forest. It was at another kindergarten which teaches the children in the open air, whenever possible, all year round. 
There were peacocks roaming freely amongst us.
Quite an unusual set up in such a lovely environment and we enjoyed a very happy evening.
The campfire area
So sorry that, due to lack of internet access, I couldn't post these last days of Flat Susan's time with us whilst I was still there and before she was posted to Scotland to continue her adventure with Elizabeth. It means that her story overlaps somewhat but there was too much to miss if I didn't post them on my return.
One more post to finish this part of her saga and you can follow her travels via Neet's blog... hickydorums!


butterfly said...

Lucky, lucky Flat Susan - looks like a lovely trip...
Alison x

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, super photos and it makes me wish I stilled lived in Germany. Flat Susan sends her best, is missing you and Germany already :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

voodoo vixen said...

I love all those fabulous building with all the windows, what a treat for FS to get to see all that and in sunshine too!

Helen said...

so glad you showed us some more of FS's trip to Germany! I love the shapes of the buildings.

Neet said...

Crikey Jo, I missed this one too. I thought I was keeping a close watch. Doh! Thanks again for superb hosting and great stories.
hugs, Neet xx