Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ljubljana Lakes with Flat Susan

This was a really spectacular part of Flat Susan's wonderful visit to Dolores's beautiful country. Dolores was so kind to drive us to some amazing places and this series of photos shows some of their  spectacular lakes.
  Here's the Hotel Bor in Preddvor  where we stopped for refreshments.
It was offering an amazing 3 night package, including meals, pool and spar facilities for 99 euros!! 
It's just amazing what you can find out on the back of a loo door!
The water was just like glass and not a mosquito about either!

Dolores kindly shared her coffee and cake with Flat Susan.
We didn't risk unnerving Susan on a boat trip.. maybe next time!

Dave held her a bit too close to the water so, after her traumatic puddle incident in Italy, she was so shaken that we gave her a beer. Didn't take much before she was back in her suitcase asleep!

We also visited Lake Bled with Flat Susan... not too near the edge although there were shouts of "Back a bit" when the photo was being taken!
and here's Dolores by the crystal clear Lake Bohinj
The church roof has wooden tiles.
The water is so green from the pebbles beneath ..... 
and so clear that the fish can be seen swimming about.
All this water had Flat Susan rushing to church to say a prayer or two. 
Last leg of her visit comes next with our visit to the caves.


tilly said...

So much excitement for flat Susan in a beautiful country....... you must all have loved it
Tilly x

mamapez5 said...

What beautiful photos. I'm glad Flat Susan enjoyed her visit. I'm sure she will be more used to water by the time she reaches me. Kate x

Lynn Holland said...

Flat Susan must be exhausted now, hope she is having a good rest. Beautiful pictures Jo, I could just see myself sat down at the waters edge.
Lynn x

Neet said...

Jo, have only just read this - I always knew you were mad but now I have you down as "barking". Thanks for the smiles and laughs reading Flat Susan's travels. You are a treasure.
Hugs, Neet xx

Twiglet said...

Stunning photos - FS is having way too good a time!!! x Jo

Helen said...

Loving the photos and tales of FS's travels - looks like you enjoyed them too!

lisa said...

Ohhh Jo, you have taken me back over 20 years with these beautiful photos. I have a photo of the Bridge at Bohinj with my Mum and Dad standing in the lake!! We had a wonderful holiday there in the 80's and I'd love to revisit it now, it still looks totally beautiful.
Hugs Lisax

Tinkertaylor said...

Fantastic photos it looks so clean and fresh and my little eye spotted .....cake, yum my sort of holiday

Angie said...

Those are stunning reflection shots ....what a wonderful place ...thankyou for sharing. That cake looked so yummy too.xx

Susie Bentz said...

What beautiful scenery! I love the picture of FS climbing back into bed with the beer!