Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Lueneburg Birthday

My lovely DH was 70 today and we've had a superb celebration with our German branch of the family, here in Lueneburg. We started the day German style by going out for a treat from DD2... a birthday breakfast, which we both love.
In the afternoon we had a yummy strawberry birthday cake made by our SIL, and that isn't a bought sponge base... he did the lot himself. The filling under the almond sponge was marzipan beaten up with mashed strawberries, then topped with fresh strawberries and cream. Deee Lish Ous.
Need I say Flat Susan was quick to that cake, she didn't want to miss out on her first birthday party!! We only had one candle as it was hot enough in the sunny garden and we didn't want a heatwave with 70!!!
Later on we sat by the river in a really good restaurant, in the sunshine, for a special dinner.
Here's the Old Dude birthday boy sharing his brecky with Flat Susan...... easy to see there's food around as she always straight out of her suitcase when she smells something good and she was in out, in out, doing the okey kokey today for sure.
The family now are back home tucking the little fraulein up in bed so we popped out to our favourite bar/restaurant for a nightcap to finish off a lovely day. A beer for the Old Dude and an Aperol Spritzer for me. (Dolores introduced me to this in Slovenia and a love it!)
Served by Tania here below, one of the really friendly staff of Bar Central.
She quickly made good friends with... Guess Who??? Right first time... It's Flat Susan. Never mind the food, she's out of that suitcase quick as a rabbit when there's a drink going! 
She's going in her suitcase tomorrow for a long postal ride to Scotland so I hope she doesn't mind the trip as she's never been packaged up for so long before. 
I hope she behaves herself but most of all I hope she has a great time with her next hostess, Elizabeth.
Bon Voyage Flat Susan and Auf Weidersehen! 
It's been wonderful to host the first 4 countries of your world tour.
England, Slovenia, Italy, Germany


Annie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby Jo. Looks like it was a very special day.
Annie x

tilly said...

If I can find a box big enough.... can I be flat Tilly ???? she has had so many lovely adventures.... but I don't like puddles either !!, Happy birthday Mr jozart!!


fairy thoughts said...

happy birthday old dude. it looks like you had a brilliant day.
hey Jo cake and beer seem to be featuring a lot on your holiday (and why not? )
amazing photos

Angie said...

Wow ...that really looked a yummy cake. Happy belated Birthday wishes to your hubby ...who I have to say is looking good. That photo of you both is lovely ...you look so happy. xx

Helen said...

Can't believe how far Flat Susan has travelled so far, what adventures she has had! (and you too, looking after her.) The birthday celebrations look fun!

Anne said...

Many happy returns to your DH Jo. Have a safe journey Flat Susan I shall look forward to reading about your next set of adventures with the lovely Elizabeth. Anne x

mamapez5 said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby. You obviously had a good day. It reminded of when we had a party for my other half's 60th, just before we left UK. It was such a game trying to get all sixty candles lit at the same time!
Happy travels to Flat Susan. She will find it a bit chilly up in Scotland after her travels through Europe.
Have a great week. Kate x

Redanne said...

Well all I can say is that flat Susan has very good taste in cakes - what a fabulous cake it is too. Happy Birthday to your hubby, he certainly looks happy about it all! Great photos, as ever, Jo. Hugs, Anne x

Neet said...

Well,first of all
Happy Birthday to You (Dave)
Squashed Tomatoes and Stew
Rubber Jelly
In Your Belly
Happy Birthday to You!
Congratulations to Dave on his 70th! Looks like a fab day was had by all.

Thanks for hosting FS you have written up some brilliant stories and provided lots of smiles and laughter.
Have a lovely time over there and come back safe and sound.
Hugs, Neet xx

Twiglet said...

Fab photos of a fun time. Happy birthday to the young birthday boy. x Jo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I just spent about 20 minutes catching up from last Wednesday's post to today. Flat Susan sounds like she's had a great first leg of her trip. And I enjoyed YOUR travels, too.

Wish your hubby a very happy birthday for me.

Tinkertaylor said...

I've really enjoyed Flat Susan's travels and if I'd spotted her earlier I'd have invited her to a trip down under to watch a bit of rugby.
ps that cake looks divine.

Susie Bentz said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Making notes for her visit here - sweets and drinks - sounds like my kind of girl!