Monday, 25 November 2013

Threads Show - Harrogate

I've just returned from visiting the Threads Show in Harrogate. A riot of inspiration and colour for anyone who sews, knits or crafts in any form with threads or fabric. 
I really enjoyed the show and treated myself to some lovely stash including some Japanese fabrics. 
I didn't take very many pics at the show as many displays banned photography but I did manage a sneaky shot of these fabulous embroidered tree panels and love the way they were encased in perspex standing frames.
I also treated myself to a full kit of these marbling dyes which are so easy to use and instantly permanent.
They are effective on any fabric and they work well on textured surfaces such as shells, pebbles or frames. 
My intention is to marble fabric to make into a patchwork quilt.
There were highs and lows to the trip and I think I'd plan differently if ever I returned to Harrogate for a show. Next time I envisage using train or an organised coach trip. First, we couldn't get accommodation in the town but fortunately I found a super hotel via Travelzoo at a bargain rate, although it was near Leeds and thus a fair way from the show. 
The main problem of the visit was the nightmare of trying to find parking in Harrogate, as most of the car parks were full very early so, we drove round and round for over an hour and then, when we managed to find one which stated 73 spaces were available, we drove around inside for over 30 minutes before we found a vacant spot. Far too time wasting and stressful.
Here's one of the highs.....
Monks Fryston Hall, where we stayed....
dating from 12th Century, oozing with history and once a settlement of monks, before it was transformed into this stately residence. It has beautiful, extensive grounds, rolling down past it's lake and orchards, to a river and, even in the bitter cold of a Yorkshire late Autumn, it was lovely to take a stroll around. 
The main halls are wood panelled with a minstrel gallery around the stair well and there were roaring log fires.
The food was first class, as was the service, especially when we weren't paying top price!
The following day we made an interesting trip to Leeds.... but that's another story.....


Helen said...

Shame about the parking nightmare (I don't have a car, so rely on trains/buses everywhere, sometimes it has its bonuses!) The Hall where you stayed looked stunning!!

Tinkertaylor said...

I'm not a fabric crafter but those yarns and trees are gorgeous. Harrogate is a nightmare whether parking or driving at any time of the year.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh how you lucked out with the looks glorious...the idea of the panelling inside makes me very happy. the show looks wonderful, all that colour! to the trees are amazing..and I'm very taken with the way they were displayed.

Lynne said...

JO we were there on friday and I'd agree with you over the parking. we left Norfolk at 0700hours and got there at 1010 but took the next half hour to find parking. We were NOT happy! We said we would book a B&B a long time in advance next year and get a taxi to and from the Halls and hang the expense! I love your photo of 21st Cent I did spend a bit there! I blogged about it last night when I could raise the energy - I find it take sit out of me with all the crush and travelling. Perhaps we can make some forward palnning arrangements next year and meet up!! Lx

Cardarian said...

Hi Jo!
Will send an email later, just wanted to say that it looks like a lovely place where you stayed but as you know there are always ups and downs to trips - I hope the downs weren't too bad!
Lots and lots of hugs,

Pearly Queen said...

I remember 21st Century Yarns when they were just 20th Century Yarns! Are they still based in the Cotswolds?


lisa said...

Now then, I have a bone to pick with you...why didn't you tell me you were coming up to Yorkshire and Harrogate of all places. The funny thing is we were in Harrogate last Saturday shopping and saw all the ladies tripping in to the exhibition hall so I could actually have walked past you!!!! I used to go years ago but get so little time to stitch nowadays. I could have told you were to park for free too, you don't need to pay on car parks when you know where to go, there's plenty of free parking with a disc. Your hotel looks lovely and you were so lucky with the weather it was a lovely weekend wasn't it.
I hope you enjoyed the show, it certainly looks full of interesting things.
Hugs Lisax

tilly said...

sounds like a lovely show...and I could just live in that house... maybe enough rooms to hold all my crafting lol....just finished 8 little pots (like yours ) for the Christmas table, but can't show yet! lol

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, it is a great pity that the show is not held at the Showground, where tons of parking is available. Love the look of the marbeling and your hotel looks amazing. Hugs, Anne x

Dotty Jo said...

Looks like the high points were real highs Jo! Jo x

mamapez5 said...

What a beautiful, colourful stall! I'd be no good there. I'd want to stroke everything!
I love the marbelling technique. It's something else I used to play with when I was running a nursery. The children never got tired of the WOW factor.
The parking sounds a nightmare. My sister and I always did the NEC exhibition by train for the same reason. But the hotel looks superb. I'm glad you had a good time anyway. Kate x

Twiglet said...

Ah Jo - Monk Fryston Hall!!! We used to go there for special nights out when we lived nearly Selby - it was just about 6 miles away. Just a thought too - the October Harrogate Textile and Embroidery Show is at the Yorkshire Show Ground so no prob with parking there - around Oct 5th each year. Happy days. x Jo