Saturday, 7 June 2014

Owls and Chucks Sewing Cases

I haven't been able to craft recently due to the building work going on in the house but I made these cute critters a while ago and had forgotten to post them.
I made several of these handy sewing cases after seeing them on pinterest and still have some waiting to be finished. 

Apologies that I can't find the original source to give credit but I did my usual, had a go and winged it so they aren't copied just inspired
 Sorry I cannot credit the people who inspired me but the ones I made here are from memory and are considerably different. 

Gizmo Owl
They make great gifts or fundraisers.
with pockets, front and back, to hold tape measure and sewing bits and bobs. 
The wings open up and hold pins and needles.
The scissors will look like a wise old owl's spectacles if they are the right size.
Elastic loops form "claws" to hold a reel of cotton.
The blue owl in the centre is lightly padded to keep it flat so it is easier to pack for workshops. The outer two are stuffed and quite chubby.
Chick a Boo
This one is my favourite and is made from batik fabric
These could be made as a child's bag and could also be sized up or down.
With a little imagination, there's plenty of scope to personalise them.....
eg., with or without legs, different types of feet, legs of cord, tape or thin rope.
Below using a scrap of Kaffe Fassett fabric.
They all have individual characters according to their colours, the angle of the beak, the fabric etc.
There is a pocket in the body and a wing pocket on either side.
They can hang up or be worn around the neck.
Below, for the feathers I heat bonded two layers of fabric then machined the shapes with blanket stitch before I neatly trimmed them.
Still a few half finished, below...showing the component pieces.
If anyone in England has a Home Bargains shop near them (it's a Northern Company but is spreading) they have a range of super sewing items, scissors , tape measures, etc., all at bargain prices. Ideal to pop inside these to make more of a gift. 
If anyone is interested in making them I have produced an instruction sheet and templates (at the request of the ladies in my quilting group) so I can email copies if requested.


Annie said...

Well done Jo. Those looks fab. Hope you've got that loo in now :-)
Annie x

cockney blonde said...

Love your owls and chicks Jo, fab ideas. May borrow your inspiration if thats OK, x

Anonymous said...

These are adorable and would be great for craft sales. I'd love the instruction sheet please Jo especially of the owls! Thank you so much. I will email you my address!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, these are all fabulous. I am particularly taken with the owls feet ... a very clever idea and one that makes me smile :) Hope the building work is proceeding to time and will be finished soon. Elizabeth xx

tilly said...

These are so cute, well done Jo....... I may just have to make one or two if you would be so kind as to send the instructions lol..hope renovations are coming along well
Christine x

Twiglet said...

Jo they are so lovely - I think you do need to send me instructions if that's OK. Thanks lots for sharing. x Jo

Carol Q said...

what fab, fun, colourful creations Jo. you have been working hard on these!

maska said...

Nydelige sy-ugler.
Love your owls and chicks.

butterfly said...

Just popped by to say what a good idea about the music - will pass it on to Cestina!! Thank you.

And so happy to find these delightful winged creations to leave my note on... they've made me smile no end - fabulous colours and patterns - they're just a delight!
Alison xx

butterfly said...

Oh, and definitely late enough for music - I'm thinking she has the latest Bose sound equipment tucked away in one of those stylish cabinets...

The modern stuff will be added as we go!

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo I caught sight of the owls as I was about to read your WOYWW post and took a them and please, please e mail me the 'recipe'... erin has a thing about chickens and she reserves a little pressie at the moment
janet.... back to WOYWW

carolann said...

Oh I do like your chicks you made.

Your material art is awesome. I have been looking through so much of your blogs. Beautiful work.

Oh you have heart problems poor dear.

I pray that they can give you something to get the heart regulated.

How on earth would you adapt heart problems with all the expertise your into.

More them likely the sweets they will cut you back on heart drs. Oh they are rich looking and so yummy.

If you have seconds which I would. The old narrowing of arteries would cause havick. My doc has me to limit myself not too many goodies. Cholesterol.