Thursday, 24 November 2016

Christmas Tree Quilt Finish, Patchwork Christmas Wreath & Friday Smile

When we visited the Lake District last week I took my sewing machine to keep me company in the evenings whilst DH was watching TV in the lodge. I made good headway on a new Liberty Quilt which I will show soon but I need an extra large table to sandwich the layers so it may have to wait until my next group meeting. I also managed to finish the foundation pieced Christmas Tree quilt I started at our group workshop with our guest tutor, Maureen. I made extra blocks and transformed them into a small sofa quilt instead of just a table runner and I am pleased with the result. 
 Each year I "rescue" a Teddy Bear from a charity shop, to spend Christmas with us, and here is this year's little character, called Carnforth because that's the name of the little town where he was rescued. 
He will soon get a new hat and scarf and sit close to the fire over the holidays but for now he is pleased to show off the reverse of my new little quilt.
Carnforth is just on the border with the Lake District and Carnforth Station is where the famous, classic, 1945 David Lean film "Brief Encounter" was filmed. There is a museum and visitor centre there which recreates the period and tells the story of the film.
 I also made another wreath from the extra left over pieces I prepared for my first one, that we made with Maureen. I wanted to gift one to my lovely neighbour who has sadly had two recent bereavements so I thought it would cheer her a little.
I haven't joined in Friday Smile with Annie for a while as I have had so much on that I have hardly been on the computer but I'm popping in this week to share this pic of some of my recent baking.....
There's Fred on my Homepride silcone rolling pin and my spotty pastry.....
How did I do that you might say?
Well the blackcurrant pie was just about to go into the oven when I realised I hadn't sugared the fruit and I didn't relish sour blackcurrants!! It was the last of the pastry, so I carefully whipped off the top and this was the result. It cooked really well nonetheless but I forgot to photograph the "after" pic!

Thanks for popping in to visit even though I don't post so often nowadays and today I'll do my best to get round all the other smiles.
You can too if you visit Annie over at astitchintime, you'll smile too!
I am making a solo trip next week to visit the German wing of my family and to visit the Christmas Markets. I've been stocking the freezer with home cooked meals for DH... including a spotty pie!! He won't mind as blackcurrant is his favourite.

Hope everyone is keeping warm and cosy and weathering the ravages of Winter, I'll be going to deep SNOW in Germany!
Have a great weekend.


Helen said...

love the new quilt, and your rescue teddy is beautiful! Fabulous wreath too. glad you enjoyed your time in the Lakes.

Glennis said...

Beautiful work, unfortunately I don't have the patience

Annie said...

Beautiful sewing as always Jo....I've made a holly table centre mat using your idea you posted a few weeks back. I reduced the size so it could be cut out of two fat quarters and I'm thrilled to bits with it....sorry I can't share it on my blog as yet cos it's for a Christmas present. Hope all is well with you and Dave.
Annie x

tilly said...

it's made a super looking warm lap quilt.....that will be useful in the frosty days lol, another fab wreath, your neighbour will love it and the thought. keep warm

Annie said...

Hehehe thanks for linking up your spots almost as much as I love mine this week :-)
So nice to see you joining in the fun this week....I need as many smiles as I can get at the mo.
Annie x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

OhJo, such superb craftsmanship, I two items you've made which I treasure, one is my PiF from first Woyww anniversary I joined in 2011, and the cross in wee card box envelope you sent. They're usually with monkeys on my desk if you peek near my desk lamp. Was so grand we met in 2012 through dear Neet.
Love your quilt work 😊, thanks for sharing,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Robyn Oliver said...

Jo your quilt is just stunning, love it. and how gorgeous is that wreath - you're very clever. Had a chuckle at your spotty pastry, we've all done that I think. Have a great weekend cheers Robyn

Angela Radford said...

Fabulous post today. That quilt Jo is stunning and the wreath too, love them. Spotty pastry!!!! say no more! It might have been interesting to use that as the outside which would have made the pie quite decorative having red spots on the top! Bet it tastes good anyway. Hope you have a great Friday with lots more smiles. Angela xXx

Neet said...

There's some lovely sewing there Jo - such beautiful fabrics and as a result fabulous Christmas colours on display at Pritchard Towers.
Not so sure your pastry can be classed as mixed media but then they say anything goes so maybe it is.
Have a wonderful time in Germany, I am so envious as I will not be fit to do one of the markets this year - first missed in a long time. :(
Hugs, Neet xx

Lisca Meijer said...

What a beautiful quilt! Well done you!
I like the idea of rescueing a teddy. I'm sure Carnforth will feel very much at home with you. I like his name. It has a regal ring to it. (Something like Carnforth the Second).
The wreath is lovely. I'm sure your neighbout will appreciate it.
I did smile at your spotty pastry. I made that same mistake not so long ago and had to take the top off. I admit I made a mess of it and I did not take it to the gathering I had planned to take it. We ate it ourselves as it was scrummy nontheless.
I wish you a great winter break/fam visit in Germany. I'm sure you will go with an empty suitcase and come back with a full one...

JoZart Quilts said...

I meant to add that I love Picasso and have visited lots of museums dedicated to him including St Paul de Vence, S France for his pottery and Antibes. The mural you shoed is wonderful.
Also glad you like my Carnforth rescue bear. Carnforth Station on the border of the Lake District is where the famous classic 1945 film "Brief Encounter" was filmed. Don't know if you know the film?
Jo x

Mystic Quilter said...

I love that you took your sewing machine with your up to the Lakes!! Good idea.
Enjoy the visit to Germany - is Carnforth going with you or staying home under the Christmas Tree quilt?

mamapez5 said...

Love the tree quilt and that gorgeous wreath Jo. I am still not motivated to sew but that doesn't stop me enjoying what everyone else makes.
I love the idea of a rescued bear. I have one special one that came from a charity shop out here, and he is so soft and cuddly I can't 'bear' to part with him so he lives on the spare bed to greet any guests who come to stay.
Have a lovely time in Germany. I am jealous of all the Christmas market things you will see, but of course, for you, the best bit will be spending time with your grandees. Kate x