Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Baubles by the Dozen

I don't like to mention it, but where has time gone! It is months since my last post, May in fact, but life threw a curve ball that I had to deal with. 
My friend died in June after a long painful period of time in hospital and nursing homes and as a result we have had to pick up the pieces and clear her home and remains of her life. Hard in many ways both physically and mentally. Life goes on and we are finally coming to grips with it all and at last I have managed a little burst of crafting.
Some few months ago before I was otherwise involved, I made a Christmas bauble at a Quilters Guild workshop, given by the talented quilter, Emma Galbraith, and I really enjoyed it even though to me it was totally the wrong time to be making Christmas items. As a result I started playing around with the original idea and I have made so many ready to give to friends and family. With no sewing, or even glue, involved they are so quick and easy to produce as the fabric only has to be pushed into the styrofoam balls. Cord, braid or ribbon hides any imperfections and defines the segments. It's a great way to use up small scraps of fabric too.
The 8cm balls are 2 for £1 in "The Works"book/craft shop but in bulk on the net they are available at only 30p each.
I tried using Liberty Tana Lawn fabric and I rather like them. I think they will be great to have a bowl full around the home all year, not just for Christmas.
The beading effect braid trim below is available by the metre in gold, silver, black and pearl
This is my original bauble made at the workshop.
My sister in law spotted a panel at the Quilt Exhibition of my group so I have had a go at making one for her. The Nativity characters/craft buttons were bought on line from HoardersHeaven. Jane there was so helpful and they have such an amazing variety available, at reasonable prices.
 Take a look here...


Glennis said...

Thanks for the update, your Christmas baubles look stunning, what a great idea

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jo, so sorry to hear of the death of your friend but lovely to see you back and crafting again. Your Christmas ball decorations are all beautiful - I particularly like the one you made at the workshop and the ones made with Liberty fabric. I'm sure they will make very welcome presents too. And, like you say, great for using up tiny scraps of fabric.The panel is wonderful - the detail in the little characters is fabulous. Thanks for sharing and I will check out the link. Elizabeth xx

Helen said...

I am so sorry about your friend, and all the work you have had to do; it is never an easy job. However, I love your baubles!!

tilly said...

wondering the other week if you weree both well. a tough time for you.... I love the Christmas hanging, beautiful. and the ball would make a super gigt or just hung around the house
Tilly xx

Annie said...

Hello my friend you've been missed. So very sorry that you've been going through a difficult time. Life throws us challenges like that at times.....big hugs.
I really loves the baubles you've been making....great therapy, keep it up.
Annie x

Carola Bartz said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. That is so hard to lose a friend.

Your Christmas baubles are beautiful. I quite don't understand how it works to press the fabric into the styrofooam, but then I don't really need to. It's enough to me to just enjoy these lovely creations.

lisa said...

Hi Jo. What a lovely surprise to see you back in Blogland but I am so sorry to hear of the death of your friend, it sounds like it's been some year for you, but I'm glad to see you back crafting again. Your baubles are gorgeous. My MIL made us some of these many moons ago but they still come out as good as new and go on the tree each year. I made some unusual shaped fabric ones at a class last year. They were easy but looked good. I'll see if I can find the instructions and send you a copy.
Much love
Lisa xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Jo! So sorry abut your friend - I remember that she was ill! We were away in France when this was posted and I am still trying to catch up! Love those baubles! The Christmas panel really is fabulous! Off to see your latest now! Chrisx