Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Candy Wraps

BTW ... Have added the instructions to the Peep Hole card .....scroll down

My friend Mo has two lovely twin grandsons who are so talented that they have achieved places 
 both in a specialist music college and also in their cathedral choir. I'm so thrilled for them that I want to send congratulations so I've made these candy wraps to send to them.
It's a simple idea from years ago shared by a group friend of mine, Mary G in America, and it was originally just made from 2 sided scrapbook paper. I played round with it and I often make these for gifts as they can hold a small bar of chocolate, sachets of beauty products, gifts of money or vouchers and messages can be written on the back of the large tag. They can  also be stuck onto cards so they are versatile and can be decorated to suit any occasion.

Here are few instructions, but please ask if you don't understand any of my ramblings. 
Decorate an A5 piece of card stock on both sides.
Contrast colours on each side or make one side plain, one stamped.
Cut out the required pieces as indicated in the 1st picture below thus having a square for the candy wrap plus one large and one small tag.  
Refer to 2nd photo and fold back a narrow strip down one side edge.
Fold the other side edge to meet the folded strip.
Fold the top corner down diagonally, to form a flap, as in 2nd and 3rd photos.
Trim off the part of the folded strip that shows at the side of the diagonal flap, as photo 4.
Round off the top corners. I use my new corner cruncher tool by Crop-o-dile but there are small corner rounder punches available for a couple of £s.
Glue 1 cm at the sides and bottom.
Crimp the bottom edge with a ribbler (if you have one). This strengthens it and gives a more "professional" finish.
Add finishing touches with ribbons, charms and tags to your own preference.



cockney blonde said...

Stunning as always Jo and what a lovely idea for Mo's Grandsons. BTW isn't that just brilliant news, x

lisa said...

These wraps are gorgeous and thanks so much for sharing the instructions, I shall definitely be giving them a go.
Hope you are not missing your family too much, it must be hard having them so far away.
Happy Crafting!


Dotpat said...

They look great Jo, I did some with Mary too when I was there, they are versatile as you say, can use them for all sorts

LME said...

Great idea :)

sam21ski said...

These look fab TFS xxxx

Unknown said...

i love these from the moment you showed me how t do them congrayes to Mos granchildren to im sure they loved your gift Jo xxx