Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday Smile & Handbag Tidys

As I moved around our group, taking photos to show the latest makes of our members, Val had left the hanging she was quilting on her table and unwittingly left her specs too and this is what I saw! I think the other ladies thought I was being rude and laughing at Val's lovely piece of quilting but I just saw the funny side .... that lion had been to Specsavers!
I'm joining in Friday Smile with this and if you pop over to Annie's blog you can start the weekend with even more smiles. 
Just received my Block of the Month from Diane the Cheshire Quilter
Love the colours and Flying Geese design but I was fascinated to see how the triangles are sewn leaving a seamed in flap on each side. I need to know how to make these for sure.
Thanks to Diane for a really unusual BOM
I recalled that a couple of years ago, Alison, a friend from Vicky Stampers, had made a Handbag Tidy roll. 
Can't remember what Alison's looked like so, I thought I'd play around to see what I could make with the same intention, i.e., something to organise all the bits and bobs that I can never find in my in handbags. My bag is always like the Bermuda Triangle!

 This simple make closes neatly, with Velcro to fit any bag........
Customised with lots of pockets of various sizes inside and outside to hold cards, pen, first aid plasters, notepad, wipes, receipts, tissues, phone, and all the necessary? junk that we just have to  carry round in our handbags.
There's a springy clip to hold keys
When folded or rolled, everything can be easily located, or the whole thing pops in and out of a bag to change over to another bag.
Any ideas to add to it? I'd welcome a few constructive criticisms as I'm still trying to perfect it.

I also made a few more of these cute little round zip pouches which are so handy for loose coins or keys. So easy to make and it was one of the challenges given to me by Diane, the Cheshire Quilter, as a fundraiser for Hope Hospices.
Diane gave me an easy, super tip for sewing the zips in whilst incorporating the lining, all in one go.

I'm looking forward to our group's trip tomorrow to Sticky Fingers Quilt Exhibition in Coppull and if you want all the details, times and place they're all at the end of my previous post or on our group's quilt cornerstone blog.


Annie said...

Hehe I have to admit the rather short sighted lion made me chuckle too Jo 😀 but so did your handbag organiser....but only cos I have so much of my life in my bag that there just wouldn't be room for one hehehe. It's a fab idea and design Jo and what a great suggestion to make moving it all from one bag to another so much easier....our mum was always changing her handbags and leaving what she needed in the bag she had left at home! 😀 thanks for linking up and sharing your smiles today.
Annie x

tilly said...

a lovely organizer and I love the little purses

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the comment on my superbum! Your happy lion snap is brilliant - doesn't a sense of humour make the world a better place!
I love the little roll up for your bag and yes I remember mum's handbag swapping fun and games. She certainly would have used one Jo.
Have a great weekend. x Jo

Dotty Jo said...

I love the pic of the lion - well spotted! Another gorgeous post which makes me want to start sewing again! Jo x

Laura said...

Hehe! I love the lion picture!
What a great concept for a handbag tidy

Robyn Oliver said...

Jo, I just love your handbag organizer too and those cute round purses - I might have to tackle them for fete you buy short zips or just cut down large ones? But I must also say I did think the lion looked a bit weird with the glasses until I read your post. Love your sewing now have a fabulous weekend Robyn

mammafairy said...

Those flying geese are a one seam flying goose! They are super easy, but give a fantastic effect!

Neet said...

I love that handbag organiser but sadly have no tips to do anything else to it, it looks perfick to me!
Hugs, Neet xx
ps I would have laughed at Clarence the lion too.

pearshapedcrafting said...

That does look funny! I love your bag organiser. . . . it's always my polo mints that go to the bottom of my bag! Chrisx

Kyla said...

ooh I think we all need to make these lovely purse organisers and coin purse (perfect for parking change) bags seem to be getting bigger to accommodate all the necessary stuff!