Saturday, 30 January 2010

Brighton Bound! Bingo Board and Js

I'm collecting the letter J in any shape or form. I have a couple of biggys to alter but have already played around with the ones above. Egocentric... why not!! Tee Hee!
The clip board above we  made on a play day with my friend Caz. We always have fun and produce something new. She came up with the idea of altering Bingo boards...I certainly wouldn't have  need for a Bingo Board but the clip board it ended up as would be useful to pin notes and shopping lists , photos etc. The background is roughly washed with Gesso then Distress inks were applied before stamping. The metal parts were treated with alcohol inks to blend them into the overall effect.

I've almost edited a few more bits so may post whilst I'm away ... keep watching.
Anyhow... just a quickie to say that I'll be Brighton bound too early in the morning. Just me going to help DD1 with things as her newbie is due very soon. Looking forward to seeing my 2.5 yr old grandee especially since DD2 her DH and 5 month old babe returned to Germany on Tuesday. Oooh I miss my family! Whilst there I'll miss DH who will be back here too! Can't win.
I may be able to post, depending how well the laptop is functioning down there... let's hope. If not I hope you are all happy and healthy until I return..... could be within the week depending how things are but I have a workshop to teach on 12th Feb so need to be home by then.... watch this space.


LME said...

Love the bingo board :)

cockney blonde said...

Love the bingo board Jo. Safe journey, x

Neet said...

How strange - I was playing about with the letter "N" before I went away. Not sure when mine will be ready for a 'showing' when I get back but will no doubt blog them some time.

Have a fabulous time whilst away and hopefully see you soon.

ps Mary sending you some Red Gum