Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Folded picture frames

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  I love making these, simple to make, little picture frames and  they can be linked up to make a folder, an album or a hanging. They can also be  joined in a cross shape..... with a centre frame and a frame connected to each side.
I usually decorate my own papers but here, for speed, I used scrapbook papers.
Here in the five frame album (below) I slotted in stamped images of my Tatty Head and Freckles designs. Above in a twin fold are more Geishas images and a picture of the front of the album.
The frames can also be used to display family photos or make a memory book.
One day I'l learn to make video tutorials but until then I'll try to give directions via pictures and words.
Please let me know if you don't understand any of it!

NOTE: These frames can be any size but the finished frame will be a quarter of the size of the paper square you start with. eg., 6in X 6in paper gives a 3in x 3in frame.
Fold a square of paper as indicated in the photo on the right
First fold the 4 sides into the centre
Then turn paper over and fold the 4 corners into the centre
Then fold in the four corners tips to meet the cross point
of the centre square.
Push in the sides as you can see in the next photos

Cut square pictures to fit exactly under, and into, the corners.
A good tip is to also cut a piece of acetate, the same size, to fit over the pictures.
Link the frames into the desired shape by glueing small pieces of card to fit into the side slits (formed by the folds) to join the units together as hinges. 


Lynne K said...

Love these frames - very clever. Thanks for showing us how.

LME said...

Thanks I always forget how to fold them :)

Chris said...

Great instructions and samples, Jo. I think I'll have to try these.

Love all your black and white cards, too. Such a classy look.

Cath Wilson said...

Gosh, it's a long time since I made one of those - it was one of those things we did as kids, lol. I had this great encyclopedia with loads of origami in and used to spend hours, trying out the projects, but I was never very good :( I might just have another go now I've seen your instructions - great post, Jo!

Neet said...

I've done one of these for my workshop on foldy things but haven't posted it yet as I am waiting for some stamps coming (posted to me 2nd January and still not here)to finish off the front of it.
Lovely to see yours and nice to see your stamps on them.

cockney blonde said...

OMG, I must be such a dunce as I can't do it. Paper now in bin in exasperation.....
I never was any good at origami either, lol

ROSA said...

grazie per aver condiviso questo con noi per me è un idea geniale...

beadz said...

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.