Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Go Snow!

It has been the most beautiful day with sunshine and an azure blue sky ( see above left) so I ventured out to clear snow and care for the  wild birds but I couldn't resist spoiling the untouched snow in our back garden. I copied my DD2 who drew a heart in the snow for her DH, Aaaahh! so romantic. I made mine in return  just for fun and I left out some of the apples, that had softened in storage, for the birds. I think that's the Jay in the photo above who was 1st to pounce on them. No crafting yet today but I have been comfort cooking for Britain. I made yummy lentil and veg soup with a ham shank and also a spiced sausage casserole for dinner... the house smells wonderful. 


Tinkertaylor said...

Food sounds fab any spare places at your table?

Cath Wilson said...

Jo, I think that's a fieldfare - not a jay. Comfort food sounds good :)

Queenie said...

Mmmmm sounds deelish and put me in the mood for a pot of homemade soup for tomorrow just whats needed when it`s freezing outside.