Friday, 22 January 2010

So sorry that I didn't catch up on messages as I have family staying here and the computer room is now the baby's bedroom! I had changed my settings to "moderated" after someone I know had her blog infiltrated and with all the things going on I forgot to look if there were any messages, I'm just not used to moderating yet... Doh!! So sorry to Wyld Cat who's been trying to make contact..... I will contact ASAP and get that prize posted off. Amazingly, Olive has already received hers!
Off now for a family lunch out for DD2s birthday.......... We're going American! Ribs and chicken, steak and fries.....Yum! Damon's here is a fab restaurant.

To those who asked about their messages being been deleted... thanks for contacting but I delete any containing email addresses, once I've read them, for your own security.