Monday, 18 January 2010

Butterfly card


Instructions as requested

This is a card from Saturday's workshop but this one is folded correctly. The yellow one in my last posting is incorrect, but I think it still looks OK, that's why I still posted it. 
As I have been asked for instructions, I have made a quick sketch of the folds for this card. As I said earlier, it is quite simple to make but looks complex.

Fold an oblong piece of card in 3 ( if your fold isn't exact then just trim off the excess)
Make a cut about 3cm (or just over 1 inch), at  top and bottom, as marked by the solid lines, .....
....from the middle of the 1/3 on the left side, to the middle of 1/3 on the right side.
Then fold along the short broken lines.
Adjust the folds of the card into the positions shown in the photo of the black and white card.
As I've shown below.. if you get it wrong it can still look good and it's good to be different.
You can adjust the size of the card so it is short and fat or long and thin depending on your needs and taste. Play around with spare card to make templates to the sizes you like.
I don't measure much, but as a guide the above card is made from card stock approx 15.5 x 27.5 cms or 6 x 11 inches.

You can colour/decorate your own cardstock or use plain cardstock and mount layered images onto the card.

REMINDER.....Last day today to enter for my blog candy..... closing the entries at midnight so still time to limbo under the wire!!

I'm going to post details for making the backgrounds I did recently and maybe get a video made but I'll be quite busy over the next week or so as my DD2 is visiting from Germany with her DH and baby. Ooooh!! I'm soooo excited ... this is better than birthdays or Christmas!!! I have a few items in hand waiting to upload but otherwise,I'm sure you'll understand if I don't post as much as usual. Life gets in the way of crafting but this is one thing I really don't mind.


Tinkertaylor said...

Love the dramatic effect you have created wth the black and white.

massofhair said...

Great creation Jo, loving this card and thank you for the instructions. Was sorry to miss Saturdays meet, still got a cold.... Hoping to see you at the February meeting.

Happy New Year :-)

Stempelientje said...

Ohh this is great those instructions!!
Thank you so much Jo!! It is much appriciated.

Tany Sol said...


KarenB said...

Your card is fabulous!! The b/w is so striking.

LME said...

Lovely card thanks for the instructions :)

Katarina said...

What a fab card. Love the elegant touch of it.

stampdiva said...

This is such a striking card, incredible impact. Lynne M x