Sunday, 9 January 2011

Corsets & a Flock of Lambs

Yesterday I had a wonderful, fun, creative day at Victoria Stampers with my good friend Jayne as tutor and a lovely bunch of great crafting buddies. We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously, as we always do, but shamefully, none of us managed to finish her fabulous "Corset Mini Book" project. 
To see a video of one of Jayne's superb finished samples here's the link;
This is as far as I managed yesterday because, there are so many elements to the project and each page is two sided, but to be really honest....we also did so much gabbing, laughing, eating chocolate, drinking coffee and catching up on the 5 weeks since we last met.
 I still have Grunge paper tags to make to go inside each pocket, which were created by the various forms of lacing and fastenings, before I can assemble my book. My cover is partially made and in the top left hand corner you can see the Grunge paper front embossed with a sun ray design. 
I'll post it again when it's complete but do take a look at Jayne's youtube video in the mean time.
Here's a Flock of Lambs especially for Doone 
(who loves superlambananas)
The sun was shining this morning so we decided to seize the day and get out and about. As we were heading to the exhibition we wanted to visit I spotted this flock of Superlambananas near the river front. Why had I never noticed them before? It's a few years since there were hundreds around the city during European Capital of Culture Year 2008 and now just odd ones are dotted here and there but this is a FLOCK!


sam21ski said...

Never even heard of Superlambananas Jo, so you've educated me yet again - thanks xxxx

Love your coset mini book and I think for all the gabbing, eating and drinking you did, you've made fabulous progress and got loads done. Having said that, I can't wait to see the finished project xxxx

oneoff said...

Sounds like a fabulicious crafting session, and you have got loads done! I would have found it difficult with the temptations of chat, choc and coffee...

Thanks for the pics of the superlambananas; I love both them and the Cow Parade. We bumped into (literally in my case) a medium sized herd of the cows in Vigo a couple of years ago and I have been lucky enough to spot the odd lone cow now and again (most strangely in a school playground in Edinburgh).

olive said...

you were right, it was a cracking day yesterday, made even more special by the beautiful gift you made me AND the scrummy cake! I will post a piccy of your handsome gift later this week....... you are a true generous soul Jo. Oh I didnt finish my corset book either!! Hugs Olive xxx

lisa said...

Sounds like the best sort of crafting to me Jo. Your book looks fab and as always it's great to see your photos, love the Superlambbananas.
Have a good week.
Hugs Lisax

Carola Bartz said...

My husband thought those are skunks!!

Vicki B in OP NY said...

Glad I'm late for WOYWW! I get to see your corset book and suberlambananas - hilarious and unique. You always have the most interesting things going on at your house. Best wishes for the home makeover as you prep for a move.

cockney blonde said...

Sounds like I missed a good day on Saturday. Love the piccies of the 'lambs'. I too have only seen cows in the past. Can't wait to see your finished corset as what you have done so far looks brill, x
PS did you save me any choccies, lol

Von said...

they sure are a wonderful uplifiting sight :)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Loving what you've completed so far Jo :-)
And thanks for the pic of the Superlambanas, I luv 'em ;-)
Anne xx
BTW I was really asking if you were going to be at the Manchester show with Caz, demoing but I see now you won't be.
Anne xx

minnie_mac said...

What a great mini book project. Enjoyed seeing Jayne's. Yours looks superb, so look forward to seeing it finished.


Tuire Flemming said...

That Corset book project looks really fab and interesting!

Doone said...

I think is it just the bees knees when you turna corner and a piece of Art makes you Gasp

hop to my blog an award awaits you (tuesday post)

dizzy said...

im so glad you enjoyed the day i did too wish i could take the credit for such a great project but it is Laura Denision from followthepapertrail over on you tube that came up with the idea she really does have some fantastic ideas for mini albums.

loving the lambs got to say the sealand lamb has to be my fav big hugs jayne xxxx

Carmen said...

Love the Superlambananas, what colourful fun :D

The class sounds a blast!