Friday, 14 January 2011

January Calendar Pages & 2 Blog Awards!

I've made a giant leap, and quite a commitment from me, to join in with making a Calendar Journal and at last I've completed my January pages. I've admired the many examples I've seen through the year and have wanted to start one for so long. Now I've just got to fill in mini notes of this year's happenings so far and keep up each month.  Take a look over at the kathrynwheel blogspot and also at Jill's blog thirdagemusings to see lots of what I should be creating! There are over 70 artists who have joined this year and whilst I don't really know what I'm doing yet and I'm just winging it, I've really been inspired by everyone else.

I chose a snowflake theme, getting so used to snow you see! The pages were dabbed with Distress Inks then splashed liberally with water. When dry, I stamped images of snowflakes in various sizes using several shades of purple and blue inks. The squares, on which I will write my mini journal, are salvaged from my collection of hand coloured card scraps. I hardly ever throw out any bits and now I know they will come in handy for this project through the year.

I had a lovely surprise from Doone, one of my blogging buddies, who has given me an award....the Stylish Blogging Award!! I don't know about Stylish, MOI!? Don't think so, but I'm grateful to be nominated and now I must nominate 4 others to pass it on to. Not only that, I also have to ditch the dirt on myself... confession time... I must tell you things about myself that you may not know.

I also received another award over Christmas from Anne but I didn't manage to follow it up due to all that was going on here so I am passing on, not one, but two awards to these lovely people I nominate. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this but I love breaking rules!
BIG THANKS to Doone and Anne for nominating me!
Sssoooooo...I'd like to pass awards on, in no special order, to.....
 my lovely friend Dot of trollymog blog, who's an angel and makes gorgeous cards.
To Vicki B of alittleinkling... who's blog I love to pop in on and who has such an interesting life.
To Tuire of strange enchantment... another blog I love and who makes such a variety of original art.
Also to Olive of olivesparaphernalia who is so stylish and individual 
and my kind of quirky!
8 things about me, in no special order
1) I love lakes and mountains, to walk and be near the sea but dislike being on a beach.
2) Favourite to eat and drink..... Anything ginger or cinnamon (especially if it has chocolate too) and red wine.
3) Flowers I'd choose... Freesia or anemones in large quantities.
4) Colours of preference.... shades of cerise to purple and turquoise to jade.... so obvious in my artwork!.
(I am Gemini so I always get stuck on two things when making a choice).
5) I try to make something creative every day and I try to do something good, both make me feel good about myself. Nothing in life is selfless!
6) I fear nothing crawly, as long as it isn't poisonous or dangerous, and I have held a rose tarantula and a giant snail (about 10 inches long), snakes and even bumble bees too.
7) My biggest wish is to be near my lovely family and that they are always safe and well. My hope and dream for this year is to move house to be nearer to them. A BIG move, a long way!
8) Amongst the jobs I've had.....I used to be a BBC Radio presenter for 8 years until I retired about three years ago. I loved it, as it involved social action and, as I can gab for Britain, no one ever told me to shut up!

Well that's about 20 things about me under 8 sections.... I told you I can gab and I've proved I'm indecisive!


thekathrynwheel said...

Oooooh lovely calendar pages :-) Your background is really striking. Love your colour choice. Kate x

Doone said...


you Cannot Be Thinking that you will do all twelve months in Cerise and Turquoise?

this I have to watch....


Dotpat said...

Love your pages Jo and thanks for the awards, will get them later as am tied up at the mo, very kind of you

karen said...

Your Art Journal pages are beautiful! I will look forward to seeing all those little boxes filled in!
xoxo Karen

cockney blonde said...

Love the pages Jo and the gabbing, lol. I sort of wanted to do this calendar journalling but may have to pass at the moment, x

Carmen said...

Love your pages and you did something that I neglected to do and now wish I had and will do on future ones. I put the dates on... but not the days! Doh!

sandra de said...

Your page is beautiful and you won't be alone in winging it. But, I think we have some fabulous earlier examples to borrow ideas. Freesias are divine.

sam21ski said...

Absolutely stunning pages Jo, just love those lovely warm colours for January.

Well done on your blog awards, you deserve them xxxx