Monday, 3 January 2011

Tiny Hats !

We have a new tiny little girl in the family, thanks to my niece, so I have made her some warm hats to wear. I also made a bigger one for one of my grandees as she is growing out of her favourite hat.
I find Mums of today prefer bright colours for their little ones but I sneaked in this cream crocheted wool hat with ear flaps to keep her warm. 
It's a scaled down version of the one I made for my 17 month old  grandee ... below...but the one below is partly knitted. I must admit that I make them up as I go along but with 4 little girls in the family, aged 3 and under, whatever I knit fits one of them. 
The only trouble is that now their Mums want hats too so I'll have to get those 
sizes right!


sam21ski said...

Lovely Jo xxx

Paul said...

Very cute lol Px

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

They're all wonderful Jo :-) You're so clever with all the different things you make and what's more making them up as you go along!
Anne xxx

olive said...

do you never sleep????? love the hats. xxx

Chris said...

Here's another Mum that would like one. :o) They're fab, Jo, especially the lilac one. Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

lisa said...

How lovely to have a new little girl in the family, Jo. Many congratulations. Your New Year sounds good already!!
These hats are just gorgeous. I love the cream one with ear flaps for a little baby but the bright colours are great when they get older. I know someone who would adore that purple one!!!! Luckily she has a Grandma, my MIL, who knits them for her too. I spare her the hats for me but love scarves instead and I think she may be on with a new one right now if I've got the hints right!!!!
Hugs Lisax

kimmie_35 said...

These are just adorable!

LorraineB said...

They're great. I'm sure the kids will look adoreable in them.

Debgem said...

Jo - these are adorable! I'm afraid I never was very good at knitting or crochet! It's so nice that you make them and in such fab colours.

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog - dinner was brilliant - at least that's what the family said. And the light is just the best!!

cockney blonde said...

I love your hats Jo and the ones with the ear flaps are just brill. I can think of some Grandmas who would like them too, lol, x

Dotpat said...

Jo love the hats you have made, will you please send some energy up to me