Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Wheel of Liverpool & Weather Stone

This is the Weather stone I gave, just for fun, to my friend Olive for her recent birthday. With it goes a list to check against to tell the weather. I wish I could remember where I saw it on the web to give credit to the person who thought it up. The original one was just a plain stone on a string but I decided to make this stone more suiting to Olive! I did stamp on the stone but it can't be seen in the pic. Hope it gave you a chuckle Olive and I hope it's accurate!!
Hang the stone outside within view...
If the stone is Wet .... rain
  Dry ..... No rain
Stone makes shadow.....Sunny
Stone white on top..... Snow
Can't see stone.... Fog
Swinging Stone..... Wind
Stone jumping up and down... Earthquake
Stone gone.....Tornado

I also made Olive a HangAbout bucket from skeleton fabric I bought. One of those "Saw this and thought of you moments" as Olive adores spooky images like skulls and skeletons so it was perfect.
The Wheel of Liverpool
Last Sunday as we were going to the Shackleton Exhibiton (that is Shackleton of the North Pole expedition) at the Liverpool Maritime Museum we decided also to go up in the World on the Wheel of Liverpool. Quite a spectacle at over 60 metres high over the city and River Mersey. Whilst it was a beautiful sunny day it was bitterly cold near the river and DH wasn't keen on going so high up in the cold wind but relented when he saw that the ride was in air conditioned capsules. 
The views from the top were amazing. The Albert Dock and Liver Buildings beyond....
Beyond the capsule spot the modern RC Metropolitan Cathedral on the skyline. Locally known as the Wigwam and you can see why!
In Liverpool, we have 2 football teams, 2 Mersey Tunnels and 2 cathedrals.... we don't do things by halves...and here's the classic styled Anglican Cathedral, designed by Giles Gilbert Scott, who also designed the red telephone box. Remember that as it is often a quiz question and you'll find a red phone box situated and working inside the cathedral.
Here's the wreck of the Hesperus alias ME!! The lollipop structure in the distance is the St John's Beacon and Radio City broadcasts from it's studios at the top! The presenters often mention how much it sways up there in the wind.
Looking right into the sun over the Echo Arena but it's just possible to see the yachts in the river and, across the other side, a feint view of the Welsh hills. We can be in Wales within 20 to 30 minutes thanks to the tunnel links under the Mersey.


olive said...

yes your a star1 arent you brave going in that wheel thing - as I suffer from vertigo I dont I will taking a ride. Looks fantastic must say....xxxx

Dotpat said...

Fabulous post Jo enjoyed your photo's and reading about them. Your artwork is pretty cool too

sam21ski said...

More educating Jo both with the weather stone and the fab photos from the wheel, although I have to say, that sun on the river, which looks like the sea, is stunning xxxx

Carmen said...

Loved this post. I am going to nick that weather rock idea - it's brilliant! Also I am very VERY jealous of Olive's bucket. What cool presents she got.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

When I first saw it, I thought it was the wheel in London. I guess if they are that big, they all look the same. I was impressed that you were out of the wind and weather, and of course, the VIEWS are incredible! And I have (I THINK) the Beatles (or at least some British musical group) to thank for having heard of the Mersey. It was all so beautiful, but it looked quite cold. Thanks for showing these photos. And of course, I got a big kick out of the stone, especially since I live in tornado alley.

Paul said...

I wanna go on the wheel!!!! Look brilliant. I keep looking at the one in Manchester and saying I must go on it. I'm really bad at doing things on my own doorstep. BTW I adore your weather stone. Very bright and colourful.

sandra de said...

I had such a chuckle reading the weather stone. Pics look great from the wheel.

Paul said...

I love the idea of coming along & going on a ride on the wheel. It's a date :) xx

dizzy said...

he he he love the weather stone so funny bet Olive loved it and specially her bucket they are so cool and is that a pic of dh i see love the veiws might get to go in it if up that way soon im due a trip on the ferry been ages so could kill 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak(not the weather 1 tho lol)tfs hugs jayne xxx

Artyjen said...

Don't know where you saw the weather stone details on the net...but a similar thing has existed in Mousehole harbour in Cornwall for a good number of years. ;)
xoxo Sioux