Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland

My friend Caz, of stampattack, sent me two plates of her Alice in Wonderland stamps this week so, after seeing the film recently,  I was really eager to use them. Believe it or not she is very soon bringing out two more plates on the same theme as they are so popular at the moment. Can't wait to get them as they have some great quotes to go with the images.
I wanted to make this structure in black and white, as I think it suits the subject, so I ended up laboriously cutting out all the images.
 I wish I'd done it the other way round so I could have stamped directly onto white card. I have made this fold so often, usually as a pyramid shape, but the merry go round seems to be more apt for the Alice theme. It is constructed from four circles of card with the addition of two red pieces for the cover.

I  quite impressed with myself with my idea to use a tiny perfume sample phial, filled with red liquid, as the "Drink Me" bottle. You can see it with it's tiny label in front of the rabbit on the red cover. The photos below show the four inner section and at the bottom you can see how the book folds to close.