Sunday, 11 July 2010

Four Fold Card New & Old (with instructions) friend Cath mentions Art Specially Books in her comment and thus reminded me that it was there I saw their sample which first inspired these cards so I must give reference and thanks to AS and to Cath for the reminder. Credit where credit is due!
I can however add that my version of their project is well modified, bigger and with lots of additional details, and some detail ideas were from the workshop group. 
I went back through my old samples for inspiration and decided to make a simpler version of this folded card for my SILs birthday. I haven't made this design for ages, and the original idea was made with four equal folds, so I decided to try it with four different size folds to make it a bit different. I think in hindsight it works better with equal sized flaps as I like it better tied in the centre and also I like it with the double folded flaps. I might just make another and play around a bit more with the changes.
This is the card opened out 
(added 23rd Sept 2014).....I am asked so often for a template for this card with the different sized flaps so here it is at long last.
Note that the flaps are cut out then stuck into position.

The 6 inch square blue mount card covers and hides the flaps.
The inside can be decorated and details added as desired. 
Here's an alternative way and that's a little pocket at the top.
The flaps closed before decoration is added

Some of my old samples
Here inside you can see that the flaps are double fold
This is a poor quality photo but gives lots of ideas to fill the spaces

There are examples of this card in posts dated 31st Dec 2010
and my original worksheet for the card with even sized flaps is in my post on 26th Nov 2010.

I had a lovely visit from my friend Jayne and Co yesterday. Good see her (even if it was really to see DH after his op, tee hee!) and I am thrilled that she brought me this pack (below) of amazingly interesting ribbons. Thanks again Jayne! They are so gorgeous that I'm still drooling over them. We played in the garden with her little 3 year old boy who is a great character and who calls me JoJo. The head of my Buddha statue fell off over the harsh Winter so we balanced it back on, then each time he comes we play kicking a soft football at it to knock it off again. He loves it! I must admit it was originally my idea, and I apologise if it offends anyone, but I'm sure Buddha won't mind to see a little fella (and us) having such fun and I couldn't throw Buddha in the bin, now could I?... and we're certainly getting better at scoring than some of the England Team!!!
Thanks for popping by and hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration.


Zoechaos said...

All the cards are stunning, love the new one with different sizes but also love the double folds of the 'older' ones. xx Zoe

Cath Wilson said...

Nice take on the original, Jo - love the idea but I think I prefer the original, too, lol. Good old Art Specially - I LOVE those books! Lovely of Jayne to bring you the gorgeous ribbons. She is such a lovely girl and isn't her little one lovely?

Tinkertaylor said...

Haven't seen this design before I'm intrigued. Fab ribbons what a lovely friend you have.

Dotpat said...

Jo you have some patience girl, I love it but don't think I could manage that

sam21ski said...

Stunning card layouts Jo, especially like the black and white one, but then I'm a sucker for B&W!!! I'm sure Buddha won't mind especially if it keeps the little ones entertained and you never know you many have a 'budding' (sorry!!) England player in your midsts!!!!!

Von said...

They would make great memory cards of a special day :)
love the idea never seem them before :)

cockney blonde said...

Love the 'new' creation Jo but also the 'old' ones. Glad you had fun when Jayne came to visit and love the ribbons, x

lisa said...

These are certainly unusual cards, Jo and what a lot of work must have gone into them. I love the flower stamps you've used. Very free and easy and breezy looking.
How kind of your friend to bring you such lovely ribbons and it sounds as though you're little friend had a great time.
Hugs Lisax

Paul B said...

I don't think I've seen these type of cards Jo. They look fantastic. Very clever. Looks like a lot of work goes into them with all that cutting and stamping. Px

Enfys said...

Stunning cards Jo, I love the first one especially,
big hugs
En x

Isabelle Norris said...

Those folding cards are amazing! beautiful work

Sharon L. Hatch said...

Hello Jo, thanks for sharing your cards. I know that this is an older post but do you still have directions on how to do these cards? I'd love a copy if you still have them. Thanks!

Colorado Crafter said...

Hello! I know this post is a couple of years old, but I wondered if you could share a template, or some kind of directions with measurements of how you cut the base of this card? Do you cut it with all the little "arms" sticking out and then they just fold in? Or are they added as separate pieces? What is the finished size of the card? Just trying to figure out if this card can be made from an 8.5x11 piece of paper of if you need a 12x12 piece or something even larger. It is really an interesting card and I love how you decorated yours. (cocrafter at gmail dot com)

Anneke said...

This is very beautifull. Thank you for sharing.
Anneke Voskuijl

Heather, aka: Big Auntie said...

Hi Jo - I love these cards! Great creativity and imagination. I am with Colorado Crafter above and would be very grateful if you were to share the measurements and directions - especially for the black and white card (my fav). I hope you been enjoying the coverage of the Olympic Games there in London! Thanks ever so much!

Heather (

Crafterkhush said...


This is super stuff.. Would it be asking too much if you could give me the measurements for this card for I would love to try it.. This is my type of card.. Big with a lot of folds...

My email ID is
Blog ID:

Thanks so much


KarenT said...

Jo, like several others, seeing this card on Pinterest was a first for me, too! And I love it! I like having the different fold-outs, it just keeps giving neat things with each fold! If you get to a point of sharing the pattern and/or sizes or selling them, I would love to get them. I kinda like the symmetry of the equal sized fold-outs, but the other one also has it good points since you'd have no idea what was behind the different sizes! Tks so much for sharing these here and on Pinterest!

Unknown said...

Hi I also never saw this style of card before. Do you sell the directions? If so please contact me. They look so fun!

Sandie C said...

This fold looks awesome - love it. TFS

Dawn Watson said...

Hi I love this too, could i please have template/direction to make it also?

dawn Watson

Dawn Watson said...

Hi, I love this card, please can i get instructions too?


Ninja Mumma said...

Hi, I had a lot of fun making your card with the equal folds, I just love the purple one with the different sizes, I am doing my head in trying to work out your sizes, please can you put me out of my misery!!!? I'd love the sizes please ;) Thanks so much. Lisa,

Christine said...

Hi Jo - please may I have the instructions for making this too!
- thanks in anticipation!