Friday, 29 October 2010

40th card and Autumn glory

This is the card I made for my DD1s 40th birthday. I can show it now as she won't have any time to look on here as she is having a party tonight in Brighton. She has made dozens of pumpkin lanterns to decorate the room and also lots of her famous cupcakes too to go with the refreshments. I hope it is a great night for everyone and that she has a really Happy Birthday. She deserves it!
I've added a removable flashing star to the front of the card
These are the 3 tags from inside the pockets
I have been quite subtle and just added 40 in glitter on one of the tags!
Images are from Lost Coast Designs and background from Paperartsy.
It always amazes me how I love the colours of Autumn when I don't really like yellows and oranges in art or clothes. It is so different in Nature and so beautiful. As we plan to move South early next year I have been taking photographs so I can remember the changes in our lovely garden. 
This little Japanese Maple was bought by my two lovely DDs to mark my DHs 50th birthday and it has hardly grown in over 17 years but it is so beautiful. I might well dig it up and, hopefully, transplant it when we move!
It has taken over 20 years to establish this lovely purple flowering Wisteria into bloom and the Autumn leaves are so lime yellow.
The Viburnum Lanarth Placatum is my favourite shrub in the garden and I showed it in early Summer with it's flat tiers of crisp white flowers. It sometimes gets called the Wedding Cake Bush! Just look at it's leaves no and where did this rich red come from?
Who was the artist that missed out that little bit of this leaf?
I won't miss the work of the garden at all but some of the plants hold such special memories so it's good to record them here.


Diane said...

That's a wonderful 40th birthday card, Jo! I'm starting to wonder what to make for my DD's 40th on 1st February and have no inspiration yet!
I didn't know you were planning to move South but understand why - we'll all miss you loads though.
Diane x

sam21ski said...

What a fab card for your daughter Jo. It's my sisters birthday today too, but she's only 38!!! Hope they are both having a fab evening xxx

How can you bear to leave your lovely garden, plants and flowers?


Dotpat said...

Love your card Jo bet she was pleased with it,you definatley moving then

Heavens2Betsy said...

Love your card Jo and the vibrancy of your photos. We both have daughter's in Brighton! Pen x

Paul B said...

Beautiful card Jo, love that rich purple, it goes gorgeously with the black, white and hint of yellow. Lovely high contrast. I'm sure she'll be absolutely over the moon when she sees it :) Pxx

donnalouiserodgers said...

Jo, if you are moving south east, we must make sure that you join us in a kentish gathering next year....
I try to keep some plants in tubs (even if the tubs are in the ground) so they can be moved with us....I need my garden as much as my art studio...lovely 40th card and I'm sure the subtlety will be much appreciated!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Love the card Jo and the individual tags are wonderful, love those images :-) Gorgeous photos from the garden.
Anne xx

minnie_mac said...

Have really enjoyed looking at all your photos from the area where you are now, so will miss that when you move, but will look forward to seeing the pics of all the places you discover. Can recommend lots in Sussex if you are going to be around there.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I came to find WOYWW, and found these lovely, lovely tags and got distracted. They are wonderful. I love all three!

And I can tell autumn has come to your neck of the woods.

Neet said...

Love your garden photographs Jo - what a lovely idea to take those photos for a memory album (am I putting an idea in your head now).

Your Helen will love that card - a special card from a special mum to a special daughter. Fabulous!