Thursday, 3 February 2011

37,000 Feet High Post!

This is a great way to fill the time on a long flight! We are en route from LA to NY, 37,000 feet high, passing over Oklahoma (whilst singing the tune softly)! We have sung our way around and now across America as there's a song for almost every place. We took the Metro Red Line to Hollywood for a touristy day of fun and we went through Vermont (as in Moonlight in Vermont) McArthur's Park (was melting) .....and lots of other song titles. 
Here's an amazing display above of paper cuts at the Vintag booth
Below some more bottle top art....
Quite simple but so effective 
Had a hug from Shrek
Met up with our NBF!
Last time I was in America people told me I looked like Shirley McLaine... it happened again this time! 
I don't get it myself but I thought I'd better compare my handprints with her's at Grauman's.
Clint's were ginormous
We picked up a few Oscars

Then went on to celebrate at the Hard Rock Cafe.
I was chased and yelled at by SpongeBob as I had taken his photograph... he expected payment... Tough!
Hooray for Hollywood!!!.. can you see the sign at the top of the hill?
On to China Town via our $6 day pass for the buses and Metro... other than some of the food items, this was about the cheapest and best value item we found.
I loved Union Station.. .just like you see in the movies! Amazingly it still has the original leather chairs.
China Town, where we had a fabulous meal, a lunch special for under $5 dollars each... jasmine tea, chicken sweetcorn soup, spring rolls, rice, sweet and sour chicken for Carol and chicken cashews for me. We didn't expect so much and the portions were HUGE and we were embarrassed to leave more than we could possibly eat.
Kung Hey Fat Choy or Happy New Year! It's Chinese New Year today, the year of the rabbit, and we just missed the celebrations. Maybe these characters are all waiting for the parade or even a bit part in a movie! Bruce Lee filmed some of his action movies right near to this shop and round the restaurant we said so on the wall!!


Zoechaos said...

Can understand the Shirley comments but also wonder if you are related to Neet! perhaps its my eyesight looking a pictures on computers LOL

Have a safe flight home and thanks for sharing so much of your trip. XOXO Zoe

Cardarian said...

What a fun post! I am sooo enjoying this!

sam21ski said...

I have to agree with Zoe, flitting between the blog and the photos sometimes I have to look twice as to who's who!!!!

Another fab post Jo and stunning photos - TFS


Dotpat said...

Another brill post Jo, you look like you had a great time, glad you made the most of your trip

donnalouiserodgers said...

can I come with you and carry your bags next year?


olive said...

you lucky ladies... I see what they mean bout Shirley!!! I enjoyed the trip if only in third person (boo)... Hugs OLive xxx

Unknown said...

so pretty

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for taking us along for the trip. Your photos are brilliant and I can see that you have had an exciting time - you will be exhausted when you get home though. Love all the pics of crafty stuff available over there. Thanks again, Elizabeth x #96

Glennis F said...

What a great time you are having - thanks for sharing with us

oneoff said...

I almost feel that I've been on the trip with you. Thanks for all the fab posts. Now put your feet up, snooze off the jet lag and dream of all the beautiful things you're going to make...


Glen said...

I have really enjoyed your CHA posts Jo so thank you for sharing them. I LOVE the Hard Rock Cafe. All of the new things from CHA look fab. I am loving G45, Lesley Collins and Tim Holtz particularly and can't wait until we get a glimpse of them here in the UK. ~Glen~