Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Homeward Bound... hopefully!

Just hastily posting a few more pics from CHA before we leave for our long homeward haul. We are keeping our fingers crossed as the airline emailed earlier to confirm our flights are at present OK. The weather conditions sweeping through USA scare us as many people from CHA are stranded but we are staying hopeful.
More treats from 7 Gypsies .. I love this ATC vintage drawer file
Prima treasures
New embellishments from Prima
Bottle top art returns with a passion and great style and was a really big hit at the show. Carol has ordered a stock of them and we have enough samples for everyone at Vicky Stampers to have a make and take if we make it home in time for Saturday's workshop. Just a taster of them included below amongst the other pendants I made at various booths. The Vintag brass blanks emboss so well too.

This is the finished pendant make and take from Vintag.
The convention Centre where CHA is held

Yesterday when we went to Macy's plaza we passed a wonderful tobacconist just near Macy's on 7th. We had a nosey inside as one of the little window was full of old cigar boxes and the lovely old guy sold us some for a couple of dollars each. There were several business men in the little store sitting in a traditional lounge area smoking cigars, chatting and reading, somewhat reminiscent of an English gentlemens club.
I see no buffalo!
I've been so appalled yet concerned at the number of homeless street people in LA. They are at every street crossing begging. Many with trolleys full of humble possessions. It made me so sad to see them.
Excuse any typos or other errors but I'm rushing this before I run out of paid time...  .....   ......
Leave you with this bit of fun... who knitted him?


RosC said...

CHA must be so interesting and stimulating. I think I could go into overload. Suffice to say, I share your interest in 7 Gypsies stuff. Thanks for logging in from afar.
Ros. No 86

Annie said...

Safe journey home Jo.
A x

Cardarian said...

Another lot of lovely photos - you are right - on one hand all the wealth and luxury of LA and then all these homeless people - what does that tell you about the American society! Well any society really!
I hope you have a good trip home!
"See" you back in England!

Artyjen said...

Great inspiration bet your mind is on overload....hope the flights turn out ok
xoxo Sioux

olive said...

pity you couldnt ship all the cigar boxes home, they look as though they need a home - mine!!! Well lots of new items for my basket when they make it over here....... ha ha. Hoping you & Carol have a safe journey. C U Saturday

Hugs Olive xxxx

Ali said...

Oh wow. I am so jealous. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I'd love to go to CHA. :)

Ohhh Snap said...

Lovely pictures! Looks like you had a great time overall. TFS :D

Tuire Flemming said...

Great pics! "New embellishments from Prima" - I haven´t seen even those old ones... what fab things there are in the "Big World"!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

More great pics and news from USA Jo, thank you. Love the pendant and the bottle top necklace looks great - I'll have to start drinking bottled beer perhaps? Or maybe not!
Anne xx

Twiglet said...

lol - i don't know but can they knit me one too!!

cockney blonde said...

Thanks for sharing more lovely piccies. Just seen the weather forecast myself and am praying that you both get home safely without too many delays, x

lisa said...

I've really enjoyed sharing your CHA trip, Jo, thanks for so many amazing photos. It looks a fabulous place to be. I shall keep my fingers crossed for your journey home, it's a long one and I don't envy you it. We just have lots of wind here!!
Safe travels
Hugs Lisax

Marjo said...

Awesome pics from CHA, looks like the weather was pretty nice. I think your hand prints are a Safe journey.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo Lucky #1.