Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Johnny Depp & the Crafters

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I went with a few of my crafting pals to Manchester to see the film Alice in Wonderland" in 3D on the IMAX at the Printworks. The entrance looked so unimposing with no clues that inside we would find such a fantastic entertainment complex with so many restaurants as well as the Odeon Cinema. The architecture in the interior was like a giant piece of steam punk art.

We had such an amazing time and all enjoyed the experience of the film in 3D on the biggest screen in England. Wow! it was bigger than HUGE... the ultimate cinema experience with digital surround sound, and floor to ceiling screen which was the equivalent of 8 storeys high. 
I was forever wanting to grasp at objects passing so close to my nose but when the Red Queen, whilst playing croquet, hit the rolled up hedgehog with the flamingo as the mallet, sending it spinning into the arena, Mo and I ducked for safety. I did feel so dizzy at times, but closed my eyes as advised in the preview information and that really helped, but then I couldn't watch the film. It was a bit scary at times!
The Mad Hatter's Tea Party was fantastic and my favourite part of the film.
The film was a work of art and I'd like to see it again (but not 3D) so I can absorb more of the amazing detail and see what I missed when I closed my eyes.

Mo, Jayne, Johnny Depp, Neet and Jo

 Afterwards we took advantage of the early Spring sunshine and temperature of 13C and had a stroll  round Manchester.
A big vote of thanks to my friends for a special, fun day out!


cockney blonde said...

Yep!!! You all look really warm in those photos, lol.
Lovely to see Mo out of her sick bed.
I can't wait to see the film myself.
See you all on the 27th, x

Lottie said...

How wonderful - wanted to see Alice, but am a bit hesitant if you feel dizzy.

Lovely to see you all with JD - he's a hunk isn't he?

Neet said...

A great day out - loved every minute of it. Especially Johnny!

paperscissors said...

your description is so colourful, i can imagine the energy of the film, lovely to see everyone enjoying their day!