Monday, 22 March 2010

Same but different cards and baby UGGs

Glad to hear that Artyjen in England and Artyventure in Belgium, have both received their blog candy... thanks for letting me know. It will, of course, take longer to reach the other two winners in South Africa and New Zealand. Hope it's not too long!

My friend Jayne came again on Saturday for the second attack of my craft room makeover. Yet another big thanks goes her way! We made great headway and had good fun doing it but there is still a way to go before I disclose the evidence of "before we started" and the "results afterwards". DH took me to IKEA today and treated me to some much needed storage boxes and meat balls, berries, gravy and chips for lunch. That's the only junk food to which I succumb.

As my work table is clear for the first time in eons, (do I hear gasps of shock and amazement...well, I should think so!) I made the most of it to make some cards for forthcoming birthdays. 
The two pictured here show how different the same stamps and layout can look with different  backgrounds and  finishing touches.
When we were tidying up Jayne found a box of nail polishes and asked me why on earth I wanted so many so I squidged a few colours onto card and swirled two pieces of card together to quickly show her  the effective result which can be so easily produced. I've used this background for the pink card. 
For the first card I used a piece of the starch technique card from the results of the tutorial in my last post. 
I've been knitting more tiny UGG style boots for my 7 month old grandee. I made some and sent them out last week but they were too small so they've  been gifted to one of her little friends and I had to  quickly knit some more. It's so hard to believe how quickly she has grown!  


Glennis said...

Love your cards - I must try these backgrounds when I get back from holidays

sam21ski said...

Cool, can you do me a pair too please (hehehehe!!)

Cath Wilson said...

Lovely cards, Jo - love the colours on the top one, in particular. Love those boots, too :)

Neet said...

Love the cards Jo but the Ugg boots - be careful or I will be putting an order in for some for me LOL. They are fab!

cockney blonde said...

Love the cards Jo and please can I have some Uggs, lol, x

Bishop Stone said...

I love thoose little uggs.