Wednesday, 3 March 2010

North to South and back

We arrived home last night after the long drive North from the South Coast of England. It was a special trip to see our new grandee (a precious third girl) for the first time and she is so lovely. We spent some time treating, occupying and having fun with her two year old sister, thus giving the new Mum a little time with her newbie. Today I saw a video of our gorgeous 6 month old grandee in Germany laughing and chuckling so much that I was joining in and she seems so grown up now and a real little girl  in comparison to our new little one.
I took some basic craft materials with me and had an enjoyable one to one workshop with my friend, Lynn. She is a a quilter and embroiderer but a raw beginner to paper crafting yet produced some excellent results. Most of all it was good fun and filled a really wet afternoon so well. 

I always seem to spot the ridiculous!
These two have been waiting for a bus for ages
 at a stop just on the way into Brighton. 

We stopped at Battle, on our way to Rye and I was fascinated by this amazing shop which sold so many things from my childhood. Sheer nostalgia. I didn't buy anything, as I wanted everything, and I soon realised that if I took anything home it would quickly turn into someone else's old junk and I have enough of that already!

Gates of Battle Abbey
 Kings Head and the George Hotel. 
Two ancient hostelries which had roaring open log fires,
 a welcome sight on such a cold but sunny day.
Battle is a lovely little town and is filled with so much "Olde Worlde" everything and 1066, Battle of Hastings and all that!!

I love the white house at the end. 
It is like the "House that Jack Built" and I 
can't wait to see how that vine grows later on in the year.


Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Jo, love what you made and congratulations on your recent new arrival. I used to live in this part of the world once and, whenever I go back to visit it feels like I'm going home. Seeing your photos made me realise it's time for another visit.

cockney blonde said...

Lovely cards and love the photos of Battle. My oldest and bestest friend lives in Crowhurst, just outside Battle. I must ask her about the oldy woldy shop.
Great that you had fun with your wee girls, x

Dotpat said...

Lovely photo's Jo and your cards are not bad either HE HE

katykrunch said...

Looks as if you had a great time, Jo as well as seeing the little ones :) Love that couple at the bus stop!

paperscissors said...

thanks for taking me on a little holiday through your photos and your commentary!