Sunday, 7 March 2010

Workshop at Vicky Stampers

I had a fun day at Victoria Stampers yesterday and big thanks for the workshop which was given by guest tutor Margaret Rose of Stampinup. We all made the blue gift box with 3 cards inside and had the opportunity to play with all the Stampinup punches and stamps.

 We also made a useful pocket fold to hold some mini chocky Easter eggs, which most of us couldn't resist eating. I remember making the same fold, many years ago when I ran a Girl Guide company, and we used it to hold water as an emergency drinking cup! Margaret Rose also showed us how to make the large  flower. These are so effective and quite distressed and I'll certainly make them again in different sizes and colours. We made the pockets from Scrapbook paper (the striped one) but I came home and made some more from paper I had coloured and decorated myself. (the 2 in front of photo).

 I am told that information for the folds and for making the flowers is in Stampinup's tutorials on YouTube. 
 the  The day was so relaxing and such good fun, although more practical than creative. With the usual good company we laughed so much whilst crafting and at one stage during a flow discussing our favourite Disney films we started  singing "Zippedy Doo Dah" which spread round the room as everyone joined in.
I'd love to do this every week so now I am really looking forward to the next meeting, in April, which will be a layered Asian Lantern Card, with my friend Neet as tutor. 


Cath Wilson said...

LOL, Jo - just goes to show where all the naughty noisy ones were!! We ALL saved our eggs on our table (I did sneak one, he, he) AND we weren't singing... it's a shame we were so fragmented yesterday because it felt really strange, but never mind. I like the 'pocket' idea, too :)

Dotpat said...

By you were busy Jo you made some lovely things

cockney blonde said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time yesterday, as usual, sorry I couldn't be there. The results of your workshop look brill, x