Sunday, 25 July 2010

D for Dogs

I'm ahead of myself for a change and have completed the next page of the chunky 4 x 4 alphabet swap.
D for Dogs
I used some spare background paper that had been marked with bottle top stains and then allowed the dogs to run all over and make paw prints!! They look a mischievous bunch, don't you think? The bone was cut from Grunge card then embossed with opaque white EP. It curled a bit but then it's been chewed around by the cute canine gang. I added the tartan ribbon as here these little dogs are often referred to as "Scotties".
Still pondering about E and F pages........Egypt, eyes, fans, fairies etc., who knows!?!
Thanks for dropping in and enjoy your Sunday.


Dotpat said...

Love it Jo, I think I may have that stamp. I havn't even thought about them yet. You are ahead me dear

Doone said...

D just has to be for doggies doesn't it!

its odd how some letters just belong to certain objects and others are quite hard to allocate,

E was always an egg in my boys baby books!

Jan said...

so cute and love the chunky D!

lisa said...

You've certainly been busy Jo. What lovely little creations these are. I love the row of doggies. All I can think for E is elephants, Easter and Eggs. My brain is fried today!!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Hugs Lisax

fluffy said...

E is for England of course; but then again, you don't want them all to be countries...Maybe Emerald, or Eight, or Eagle...F is for Fluffy!! xx