Friday, 30 July 2010

E for Eyes and Shopping History

E is for Eyes and the 5th page of KCUK's alphabet swap is ready. Thanks to my friend Olive for the idea to put false eyelashes on the eye.. .they are real bling with diamante along them, from one of the £ shops, not from my make up bag, I must add!

This shopping history really amused me so I thought I'd share it here........
I've just found a notebook from 1970 in which I had written shopping lists. I remember being so worried about managing the housekeeping on one wage, after I had left work to have my first daughter, so I jotted down everyday spends on food. All this, before supermarkets, when I shopped daily at local shops.
It is scary to see the prices of the items I bought, and most of you won't even remember pre decimal coinage, so if I clarify that the 1 shilling and 6 pence for the first two items,  is equal to 7 1/2 pence of today's coins. That kipper priced at 1 shilling would now be now 5p!!! I wish my groceries were this price today. I thought it would bring back some memories for some of you and be a bit of social history for others.

Even then, I can remember from what I bought, that I was pickling and jam making, crocheting, growing bulbs, the food was for Ebony, my then black cat, and I was buying baby things ready for the new arrival. A baby bath for 7/6 (or 37. 5 pence!) Aaahhh, that baby will be 40 this year and still gorgeous too!!!


mckinkle said...

What a treasure that notebook is now! How great to take such an informative trip down memory lane!


Keryn x

sam21ski said...

Very striking indeed.

Wow what a find!!!

Cath Wilson said...

Wow, Jo! Love the lists - makes you feel rather old, doesn't it, lol? Hope the black ink tasted good, though, he, he. Lots of fish on that list and gosh, remember when everyone did the Pools instead of the Lottery? Those were the days! Love your page and the false eyelash is a brilliant idea - well done, Olive! My E's done, too but can't blog it yet cos it's too much like something else I've done, lol. They're the only two pages I've done, though - unlike you. I do remember buying Vimto for silly prices for the kids but don't remember much else other than that the bus fare to St Helens from Haydock (half my journey to school) was 5p when we went decimal - it's now £1.90! PS Been birdringing today and we had hold of some gorgeous little long tailed tit babes - fab!

Dotpat said...

Love your note book Jo, I have all my Dads letters to my Mum during the war 1938 I think. I treasure them and yes I can remember when I got a lovely joint of beef for 7/6 37p today.
Love your E page too

Susie Jefferson said...

Wow, a real piece of history & great collage material! What a find - good thing you aren't a minimalist!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes - made my day!

cockney blonde said...

Love the 'E' page but love even more your bit of nostalgia. What a thing to treasure. You should pop it in a time capsule for your grandees when they get older, x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

What on earth did people use in the olden days before decimal coinage Jo, do tell please 'cos I don't know! Oops think my nose has just grown hehe It's certainly been fun looking at your shopping list.
Love the 'eyes' page, great idea of Olive's to use false eyelashes - are you sure they're not yours?
Anne xx

Rica said...

Hi Jo, would you believe I'm just getting roun d from last week's WOYWW - stopped short on yours, fascinated and horrible depressed by your shopping lists. Gee these brought back memories. I have to remind myself to also remember how much or should I say how little I earned.
Love your eye with it's false lash, course you'll have to do another one now to get rid of the other lash.
See you tomorrow - hugs Heather xx